How do I configure my wireless devices to use PAL or PALGaming in the Residence Halls?


This article describes how to either PAL3.0 (Purdue Air Link) or PALGaming connections within the residence halls.

NOTE:  Although tips are included below in our best effort to assist with configuring personal devices, please refer to the manufacturer's documentation when setting up or troubleshooting your wireless device.


Laptops, tablets, and smartphones

These types of devices are configured using PAL3.0 the same way they would be configured when on the main campus.  Please see 'What is Wi-Fi at Purdue?' for specific configuration articles.

Gaming, multimedia streaming devices, smart home devices and smartTVs

NOTE:  When connecting, a status of 'Pending' may appear on the device's registration page.  This does not effect the device's ability to connect to the PALGaming SSID.  Once registration has completed, your console will be connected to PALGaming.

NOTE:  If you are having difficulty reaching the device portal, try clearing your browser cache or use an alternative browser.  Do not use the Internet browser on your gaming device (PS4, Xbox etc.).  Mobile device browsers have mixed results.


Gaming consoles, multimedia streaming devices, Smart Home devices, and SmartTv's are configured using the 'PALGaming' SSID.  To get started, 

  1. Visit on your computer and log in with your career account credentials.
    myDevices login screen
  2. Click the 'Add' button. 
  3. Complete the form then, click 'Submit'.  

    NOTE:  'Device Name' is whatever you want to name your device.  Example: My Xbox, Lisa's PS4, etc.  

    NOTE:  'Device ID' field is the MAC address for your device.  The MAC address (machine address) is the device's 'hardware' address.  It will be on the device itself and will be found in the network properties/settings/menu (or something comparable).  Occasionally, it will be listed on the outside of the device or in the paperwork that came with it.  
  4. Connect your gaming console or streaming device to the 'PALGaming' SSID.

    NOTE:  It may show the status as 'pending.'  This is a known issue and will not affect the connectivity to the network.  It should still work.  If you find it doesn't work, delete the registration and try it again.  

NOTE:  Not all devices have been successfully connected to PALGaming. 

NOTE:  Streaming devices - in most cases, to stream to devices connected to PALGaming, you must be connected to the same SSID (network name) on both devices. 

NOTE:  Smart Home devices - some Smart Home devices may experience decreased functionality.  Example, a phone will be connected to PAL3.0 and your Smart Home device will be connected to PALGaming.  

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