How do I limit the dates an item is available in D2L Brightspace?


Instructors can set availability dates on individual modules, assignments, quizzes, etc. in D2L Brightspace.


Setting the Availability Dates
1.  Locate the item you would like to modify the availability dates for.

2.  Click the arrow located to the right of the item.


3.  Select ‘Edit Properties In-place’ from the drop-down menu.

‘Edit Properties In-place'

4.  Click ‘Add dates and restrictions’.

add dates and restrictions

5.  The ‘Start Date’, ‘Due Date’, and ‘End Date’ fields will appear.  Set the desired dates and times.  Then click ‘update’.

Add start date

  • ‘Start Date’ refers to when students are able to access the item.  Prior to the start date, the item will only be visible to students.
  • ‘Due Date’ refers to when the assignment, quiz, etc. is due.  Students will have access to the item after this date (until the specified End Date) with the ability to submit late.
  • ‘End Date’ refers to when the student can no longer access the item.  After the end date, the item will only be visible to students.


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