How do I log into and navigate myPurdue?


This article provides step-by-step instructions for logging into and navigating myPurdue.



Log in with your Career Account username and password.

Once logged in, you’ll be on your homepage.


You can navigate to various pages, using the menu in the top, left corner.

The Discover page contains all the cards you have access to. 

Some cards that are on the Discover page are also on one of the category pages.  Note, you may not see all of the category pages shown in the screenshot below.  You will notice most of the titles of the category pages align with the former myPurdue portal tab titles.  Much of the content that was on those tabs are now on their respective category page.  Example – a link that was on the "Academics" tab in the former myPurdue, will be on the “Academics” page now. 

Note, content that was on the Banner tab is now on the Staff Applications page and content that was on the Life@Purdue tab is now on the Campus Life page.

You can bookmark cards from the Discover page or the category pages, to your homepage.  You do this by selecting the bookmark icon in the top, right corner of the card.  Regardless if bookmarked or not, all cards are displayed on the Discover page.


You can search for cards using the “Find cards” section. Type in either the card’s title or search word(s).  Card titles will populate based on your search. Note, if you are on a category page and your search does not return results, navigate to the Discover page and perform your search there.


You can also use a tag to filter cards.


On your homepage, you can move cards around.


You may have a card or two on your homepage that is locked.  You cannot move (or remove) a locked card.


If you are having trouble accessing myPurdue, visit Why can't I access myPurdue? for troubleshooting tips.

For additional help, visit


Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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