What is the ResNet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)?


This policy outlines the responsible use of the Purdue University Residential Network.



This policy outlines the responsible use of the Purdue University Residential Network.


All users of ResNet will be subject to this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

  1. I shall be responsible for all use of this network connection and recognize that its use is a privilege and not a right. 
  2. I shall not use this network connection for any commercial purpose or to host data services for other people or groups, and I shall not share this network connection beyond my own use. 
  3. I shall not have a router in my room or us any other hotspot due to the interference it will cause with the PAL signal. 
  4. I shall keep any and all objects, including persons, furniture, posters, and any other physical barrier at least 8 inches away from the wireless access point if installed in my room for optimal network performance and in accordance with FCC regulations.  
  5. I shall not tamper with, remove, destroy, or steal the wireless access point installed in my or any other room and will treat the devices with care.  I understand that the replacement cost can be up to $1000 US dollars. 
  6. I shall not attempt to deceive others about my identity in electronic communications or network traffic. I understand that usage of unassigned resources (such as IP addresses, DNS names, etc.) is prohibited. 
  7. I shall not attempt to access accounts, files, or information belonging to other users without their knowledge and explicit consent. 
  8. I shall not use this network connection to threaten, intimidate, or harass others. 
  9. I shall not use my network connection to engage in any form of illegal software sharing, file sharing, copying, or engage in any way in other types of copyright infringement. I shall comply with the United States copyright law and with the copyright policy of Purdue University. I understand that I can access information on copyright from the Purdue University Copyright Office at Purdue Copyright. 
  10. I understand that this network connection is subject to monitoring, with cause, as determined through consultation with the Dean of Students and/or University Residences when applicable. This may include monitoring aggregate bandwidth usage to effectively manage limited network resources, as well as monitoring traffic content in response to a legal or law enforcement request to do so. 
  11. I shall maintain any computer connection on this network with current virus detection software and current updates of my operating system, and I shall attempt to keep my computer free from viruses, worms, Trojans, and similar programs. 
  12. I authorize Purdue to perform network vulnerability and port scans on my system, as needed, for the purpose of protecting the overall integrity of the Purdue Network. If these scans show my system has a critical vulnerability, Purdue may take action to limit network access for my system until the vulnerability is resolved.  
  13. I recognize that network capacity is a limited, shared resource. Furthermore, I understand that sending disruptive signals or violating existing University policy is prohibited. Repeated offenses of this type could result in the permanent disconnection of my ResNet service.  
  14. In critical situations, Purdue University reserves the right to disconnect any device or disable any account if it is believed that either is involved in compromising the information security of the University. Any use of this connection that constitutes a violation of University Regulations could result in administrative or disciplinary procedures through the Office of the Dean of Students and/or University Residences. 

Delegation of Administrative Authority and Responsibility for Information Assurance, Security and Awareness (V.1.1)  Purdue Policies.


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