How do I troubleshoot problems with the Webclock on an iPad?


Instructions for setting up WebClock on an IPad.



Instructions for setting up WebClock on an IPad.  


There are 4 icons at the top of the Purdue WebClock display:

1.  The 'Home' icon, in the upper left corner of the screen

Home icon

2.  The 'App info' icon which displays the App version number in the upper right corner of the screen

Info icon

3.  The 'Network status' icon (should be green if network is connected) in the upper right corner

network icon

4.  The 'Device Status' icon (should be green if card swipe is connected) also in the upper right corner

Device status icon



If the iPad is dark when you walk up to it and does not display the WebClock login app

iPad power button

Press the power button found on the top left corner if the swipe is on the right and the top right corner if the swipe is on the left.

Hold the power button and the home button at the same time and hold until the Apple logo appears on the screen and then release.  This is a reset.

Card swipe

If the 'card swipe' icon is red, push the button on the card reader.

You may have to reset the iPad by holding the power button and the home button on the iPad at the same time until the Apple icon displays.

If you receive an error that you could not log in, please check that your username is correct.  If you are not yet set up in the system, please contact your supervisor.

Error screen

If the iPad is not connected to Wifi you may get this message on the display:

Error message

If you get this “Not connected?” message, press the “blue house” home icon in the WebClock application.  This action will make this message go away, and return the iPad to the WebClock app’s login screen.

Not connected? Check your internet connection.

Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.



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