Can I use a desktop shortcut or bookmark to access myPurdue?


Creating a desktop shortcut or bookmark to MyPurdue



How to correctly add a desktop shortcut or bookmark to access MyPurdue.


Typically, a desktop shortcut or bookmark will work to access web pages, but we have had reports of staff using a desktop shortcut to access myPurdue and then having issues. If a shortcut or bookmark is setup, make sure that the path is directed to the myPurdue URL/web address:

Make sure that there is nothing after the .edu or it will take you to a 'Session Expired' page.

To check your shortcut, follow the steps below

  1. Right click the desktop shortcut and click on 'Edit'.
  2. Ensure that it has URL:, edit if necessary.


If you have issues with accessing myPurdue (such as getting an 'Access Denied.  You do not have permission to access this service' error) or staying logged in to myPurdue, logout of myPurdue, do the following:

  1. Clear your browser cache.  Please refer to the browser's help documentation for assistance in clearing the cache.
  2. Close your browser session.
  3. Open a new browser session and manually type into the address bar.


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