What is AIM?


This article describes Accessible Information Management (AIM) .



This article describes Accessible Information Management (AIM) .


Accessible Information Management (AIM) is an online accommodation management portal that helps students on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus coordinate their disability-related accommodations with instructors and the Disability Resource Center (DRC). 

Students use the AIM system to submit their requests for accommodations, and the DRC uses the system to receive requests, document staff interactions with students, and release accommodation decisions following an interactive process with the student. If the DRC approves a student’s accommodation requests, the student will use AIM to distribute a copy of their Course Accessibility Letter (CAL) via email to their instructors. The email will prompt instructors to log in to AIM with their Purdue career account credentials to review the students’ list of accommodations and connect with the student’s DRC Access Consultant as needed. 

Instructors also use AIM to submit exam information for students’ accommodated testing needs, or assign a secondary administrator to upload exams where applicable. 

The system, which launched at Purdue in May 2021, protects confidential student information while allowing for more transparency and streamlined communication among students, instructors, and DRC staff.

Please contact drc@purdue.edu if you have questions about the AIM system. 

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