What is Thriving Campus-CAPS?


This article describes thriving campus-caps.



This article describes thriving campus-caps.


ThrivingCampus is an online directory that allows Purdue University students (with the assistance of CAPS) to access a list of local off-campus, licensed mental health clinicians, for on-going outpatient care. Community resources can provide longer-term, ongoing individual treatment, intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization services, hospitalization and inpatient treatment, and more.

For access to ThrivingCampus referral lists, students should contact the CAPS department directly. CAPS staff will have the ability to create, share, and track custom referral lists by signing in at www.ThrivingCampus.com. CAPS staff will work with each student individually to determine the best method of care. If utilizing community resources is the best fit, CAPS will work directly with the student to identify and recommend providers through ThrivingCampus. 

For ThrivingCampus support, users should contact support@thrivingcampus.com.

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