How do I connect to the personal webspace server using a SSH Client?


Instructions on how to connect to the personal webspace server using a SSH Client



Several processes for setup or troubleshooting of your personal webspace will require you to connect to the webspace server using a SSH Client. Please see the directions below for connecting and running commands on the server.

NOTE: If you are on a PERSONAL MACHINE, or connecting from OUTSIDE THE PURDUE NETWORK, you must connect to Purdue's VPN BEFORE trying to connect to the server via SSH  (Search: How do I connect to the Purdue VPN?)

From a Windows machine

  • NOTE: SecureCRT can be accessed on all Purdue IT lab computers by opening the  'Start' menu and selecting 'Programs', followed by 'Standard Software', followed by 'Telecommunications', and finally launching SecureCRT.  
  • NOTE: If you are NOT on a Purdue IT lab computer, you can also download SecureCRT for free through Purdue IT Software Distribution on Purdue's CommunityHub in the "Antivirus & Security Software" category. The software download will include the software license in the install package folder.

1.     Open the 'SecureCRT' client, and click the 'Quick Connect' icon.  

2.    In the 'Quick Connect' window, enter in the following information and click on the 'Connect' button:

  • Protocol: select 'SSH2' from the drop-down box.
  • Hostname: enter ''.
  • Port: verify that the entry reads '22'.
  • Firewall: verify that 'None' is selected from the drop-down box.
  • Username: enter the proper Purdue career account credential 


3.    If a 'New Host Key' window appears, click 'Accept & Save'.

4.    Enter the proper Purdue Career account credentials.

A screen capture of a login prompt

5.    At the prompt, type the desired command, and press Enter 

 A screen capture of the SecureCRT Window

From a Mac

1. Open the Mac OS X Terminal by opening a 'Finder' window, and then navigating to the 'Applications' folder and opening the 'Utilities' folder.

2. At the command prompt, type the following command and press the 'Enter' key. 'ssh' where 'username' is the proper career account credential. For example, if the career account username is jpublic, then the proper command would be 'ssh'.

3. If this is the first time that this account has been connected to the web server, a prompt will appear for trusting the server. Type 'Yes', and press the 'Enter' key.

4. Enter the proper career account credentials when prompted.

5. A list of commands will be presented as the connection to the web server is successful. 

6. You may now enter the desired command.

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