Ag - How do I request access to another user's data or email?


Please submit a 'Remove User' request through the BOFF.



To request access to another user's data or email, follow the steps below.

NOTE: Special requests for files can be avoided if the leaving employee copies or shares their own files before they leave. If the leaving employee still has access to their email account, they can approve their own file share request in writing, and no additional permissions are necessary.

Please submit a 'Remove User' request through the BOFF.  In the special instructions, detail who will need access to what.  After the request has been received, AgIT must receive written confirmation and a business case from the Supervisor of the Supervisor of the person who is requesting the access.  Once written approval is documented in the ticket, assign to the Support Services Manager (SSM).  The SSM will email the request to the Dean of CoA and copy the CISO.  Once permission is received from all parties, the SSM will document the ticket with any scope and access conditions and reassign back to original tech for follow-up and closure.  

Please use the following format when obtaining confirmation from the Supervisor. 

  • Department:
  • Users Folder:
  • Computer(s) used:
  • Person to receive access:
  • Event leading to the need for access:
  • Business Case:
  • Access Requested by:

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