What is Boiler Connect?


BoilerConnect is a student success system that links staff, faculty, and students in a coordinated support network. This article gives guidance on how to access and use BoilerConnect.



BoilerConnect is a student success system that links staff, faculty, and students in a coordinated support network. It allows users to identify students in need of assistance, and provide targeted outreach, support, and referrals, helping them navigate Purdue from enrollment through graduation.



1. How to access BoilerConnect (a.k.a BC)?

Users can access BoilerConnect through multiple entry points.

  1. Bottom of Purdue.edu has BoilerConnect listed to access the site
  2. Users could go to www.purdue.edu/BoilerConnect and click on Login


2. Access Issue

When a user calls to report the user cannot connect to BC, there could be multiple scenarios.

  1. No Role: By default users other than Students do not have access to BC. They have to go through a Role Request similar to Banner. Ask the user to contact the Role request admin for their location.

    If the role request was already made and still they haven’t received the access, please ask them to check their certifications. They need FERPA, GLBA, SSN, Data and BoilerConnect Documentation certs done before access can be provided. Most users won’t have documentation cert and ask specifically for that.
  2. No right Role: If the user can login but cannot see anything other than the message below:

Submit a ticket to boilerconnect@purdue.edu with subject Role Issues and BC Admin will provide the correct role for user.

  1. If the user has More than One Role and they can’t see their role, ask them to click on the arrow next to the current role.


  1. Calendar Synch

    1. Refer to this document (https://www.purdue.edu/boilerconnect/documents/how%20to%20sync%20calendar.pdf)on how to sync your calendar.
  2. Appointment Scheduling Issue

    1. Duplicate Appointments

  • Outlook Synch may not be working: Click on Calendar Icon on left; Subscription Tab (3rd one); the last synch is usually found on the page. Confirm if the synch was done some time within the last 30 minutes.
  • If synch not working, follow Synch issue procedure
  • If not a synch issue report to BC Admin
  1. Cancellation
  • If student cannot cancel an appointment, please ask them to contact the front desk at their department or email BoilerConnect@purdue.edu
  • When an appointment is cancelled by student or front desk, the appointment is not deleted. It shows on the advisor calendar in grey color but the appointment is cancelled.
  • If Student cancels an appointment within 24 hours, they are given a NO SHOW
  • The Advisor has rights to delete their own appointments.
  1. Student Not Able to make appointment
  • Check the advisor Availability setting on Advisor Home Page. If availability for the day is not listed or is in Pink color, then advisor has No Availability. Report BC support with Advisor name

  • Students with 3 NO SHOWS in the last 30 days cannot make any appointments. Go to Student page, click on More-> Appointments; go to the bottom section:

  • Last section will be No Shows:

  1. Note Deletion

  • Contact BC Support to delete a Note.


Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.



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