Email delivery changes Spring 2024 FAQ


Answers to frequently asked questions about the Spring 2024 email delivery changes


What is happening? 

Purdue IT is creating a mailbox for all Purdue constituencies in the Purdue Microsoft 365 tenant ( by default when a person joins the Purdue community. New students and employees will no longer need to turn on their mailbox to receive important emails from campus departments. 

We are also changing the mechanism used to automatically forward mail outside the Purdue tenant.  All existing forwarding will be replicated using this new mechanism, so if you are currently forwarding, your mail will continue to be delivered to the same location.  You do not need to take any action for this to occur.  

Additionally, we are also changing the way mail is routed and how Microsoft 365 licenses are applied to accounts.  You should not notice any of these changes but if you do encounter mail delivery problems or if you lose access to any M365 services, please escalate the issue via the Purdue IT Service Portal.  

Why is this happening? 

These changes will simplify mail routing and reduce the number of lost emails to external (non-Purdue) email providers. It will also enable streamlined servicing and consistency with emergency alert notifications. It will also reduce complexity to avoid errors in licensing. 

Am I affected? 

Impacted users will receive separate notifications from Purdue IT on or after 4/30/2024 with further instructions.  


What do I need to do? 

Impacted users will receive separate notifications Purdue IT on or after 4/30/2024 with detailed instructions on how to adjust their email forwarding individually.  This ensures minimal disruption in service.  If you take no action, these steps will be taken for you, but there may be disruptions in service. 

What if I don’t do anything? 

Your M365 mailbox will be turned on and any current forwarding you have will be set up for you, although there may be disruptions in service.  To avoid disruption, we recommend you turn your M365 mailbox on using the instructions provided. 

If I have not been using my Purdue email, do I have to move all my mail to my Purdue mailbox?  How long do I have to do that?  

You don’t have to actively move any mail into any location. 


Does this affect Brightspace email? 

This does not affect Brightspace or any other email senders. 


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