How do I add a guest or auditor to my Brightspace course?


Instructions for instructors to add a guest or auditor to their Brightspace course.



Instructions for instructors to add a guest or auditor to their Brightspace course. 


All auditing students or guests must be enrolled in the course as a Student in Banner by the Registrar.  Once they are enrolled in the Banner system they may be enrolled in Brightspace by a Teaching and Learning Specialist.  If they are not auditing, but attending the course for other reasons, such as a requirement of another course or making up an Incomplete, or a Visiting Scholar, the Instructor of Record will need to start by contacting Lesa Beals in the Registrar's office. You may email her at: or contact her by phone at (765) 494-6164. She will work directly with the TLT team to add the attending person.

She will need to know:

  • Full Name
  • Username
  • Course name and section number as it appears in Brightspace
  • Reason they are being added to the course.

If you have questions or concerns, please email

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