What is the ResNet bandwidth limit?


This article describes the possible causes of reduced bandwidth speeds in the residence halls.


Subscribing to ResNet service does not imply an unlimited network connection, but actual usage will not be monitored unless a problem arises. ResNet is a resource that is shared with other subscribers. Users or applications that inhibit or interfere with use of ResNet service is inappropriate and will be investigated. For example, users that take up an unusually high portion of the bandwidth for extended periods of time may cause a filter to be imposed on your use of the Internet to control use and allow others fair access. Use of academic resources on Purdue computers should not be affected by these restrictions.

Since there is a limited amount of available throughput (pipe), someone severely taxing his or her connection will cause a drop in network speeds for other people on his or her floor. A drop in network speeds often causes complaints from other people and affects their use of the network for academic purposes.


If you notice a large amount of data being moved in or out of your computer and you are not sure of the cause, physically disconnect your computer from the network (unplug the network cable from the wall port) and contact the ResNet Help Desk for assistance. You will be held accountable for any traffic on your port, whether you are aware of it or not (i.e. virus, someone uploading from you, etc).

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