What is Four Winds Digital Signage?

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This article provides information about Four Winds digital signage, its cost and how to request a digital sign. If you are interested learning about communicating on various Four Winds signs located across campus and operated by Purdue Marketing and Communication, see: https://marcom.purdue.edu/toolbox/promotional/digital-signs/


Is there a centrally managed service for Purdue's campus digital signage?

Yes, the campus digital signage service currently utilizes Four Winds Interactive (FWI) Cloud Services.

Signs/displays are used for:

  • Publicizing college or campus events
  • Promoting faculty, staff, and students
  • Wayfinding building/room maps
  • Publicizing directories
  • Broadcasting emergency alerts to the campus community

Four Winds equipment consists of:

  • TV/Display, usually wall mounted
  • Computer (device) attached to wall mounted TV/Display running FWI's player software

License types:

  • Contributor - uses Content Manager Web to login and edit sign's information/content
  • Author - uses Content Manager Desktop software on their local workstation to make advanced changes to sign's layout and design

Are there other costs?

Departmental costs include: purchase of player computer and display (TV), electrical run, pic (network) run, site ADA modifications if in foot traffic, security (padlocks/Lowjack), cables, mounting brackets, and display mount installation costs from Physical Facilities.

How do I request a new Four Winds digital sign or add another sign for my department?

To request a new sign or update to an existing Four Winds sign, please contact us at it@purdue.edu with [FWI] in the subject line. Please also include the building, location, what is already in place(monitor, network line, ect) as well as your support group if you know it.

Where can I find additional information about Four Winds signs?

Requests may be sent to it@purdue.edu

General information concerning Four Winds interactive may be found at the FWI Community website at: https://fourwindsinteractive.force.com/login


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