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Are there general information and guides for requesting a Purdue-owned cellular/MIFI device?

General information and guides for requesting a Purdue-owned cellular/MIFI device.

E-mail delivery changes Spring 2024

Purdue email existing users who have previously had their email automatically delivered to a non-Purdue email address will be impacted by a change to Purdue's email system on May 20 and need to take steps to  ensure their emails are routed properly.

Email delivery changes Spring 2024 FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Spring 2024 email delivery changes

ESS OneDrive Files On Demand

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based online storage solution. Being associated with Purdue University, everyone has access to 1TB of OneDrive Storage.

How do I delete a Listerv mailing list?

Instructions for deleting a Listserv mailing list.

How do I access my UNIX account from home?

Using SSH, or Secure Shell, it is possible to sign in to a Unix account from a personal computer. The instructions provided here explain how to access a UNIX account from a personal computer.

How do I access or install Microsoft Office 365 on my computer?

Instructions for adding Microsoft Office 365 to your computer.

How do I access or login to Zoom?

Instructions for logging into Zoom for Purdue users.

How do i allow all email from address to post to a Listserv list?

Instructions for allowing all email from addresses to post to your Listserv list.

How do i allow non-subscribers to post to my list?

Instructions for allowing non-subscribers to post to a Listserv.

How do i change a list’s owner/moderator/editor?

Instructions on how to change a list's owner, moderator or editor.

How do I change my display name in Office 365?

The names used in Office 365 after activation with your Purdue career account will be the same as those that are listed with the Registrar's office on your official records.

How do I change my Office 365 password for PRF?

This article provides step--by-step instructions for how Purdue Research Foundation employees can change their Microsoft 365 password.

How do I configure my iOS device to read my Microsoft 365 Exchange email?

This article provides step-by-step instructions for configuring your iPhone to retrieve and display Microsoft 365 email.

How do I configure my iPhone for Microsoft 365 for Purdue Research Foundation (PRF)?

This article provides step-by-step instructions for Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) employees to configure an iPhone to connect to Microsoft 365.

How do I create a Listserv mailing list?

Instructions how any Purdue faculty or staff member can have a Listserv created for official, academic, research, and/or administrative duties.

How do I find out who can update or edit a Purdue web site?

Instructions on how to find out who owns or maintains a particular website at Purdue University West Lafayette.

How do I fix my Web page permissions on a Mac?

How to fix my Web page permissions on a Mac

How do I forward my Cisco VOIP phone to ring on a different number?

Instructions on how to forward my Cisco VOIP phone to ring on a different number.

How do I get a personal webspace?

Instructions and help for access your personal webspace at Purdue West Lafayette.

How do I import calendar events into Microsoft 365?

This article provides links to Microsoft  articles to assist in importing calendar events to your Microsoft 365 calendar.

How do I import contacts into Mircosoft 365?

This article provides step-by-step directions for importing a Contacts file into Microsoft 365.

How do I log in to Listserv?

Instructions for logging into ListServ.

How do i make my list visible on the front listserv page?

Instructions fo making a list visible on the front listserv page.

How do I manage Distribution Lists in Office 365?

Office 365 distribution lists have the ability for an "Owner" (or owners) to be assigned, so they can manage multiple facets of the group. Owners can modify the members within the group, the name, and whether or not to have the group be moderated to name a few. Even though you can modify the group membership through an Outlook client, the below information is going to focus on OWA ( since this is where all the options can be found.

How do I modify my personal pronouns in Microsoft Office (Teams, Outlook)

Purdue faculty, staff and students can modify their pronouns on their Microsoft 365 profile by following the the instructions from Microsoft Support.

How do I move my data for the ESS OneDrive Change?

This article provides instructions for moving  your data from  your W:drive (home directory) to OneDrive on an ESS (formerly CSDS) supported computer.

How do I obtain a physical token (FOB) for MFA?

If you do not own a smartphone, or plan to be in a part of the world where you will not have Internet access and are therefore unable to use Microsoft Authenticator, a physical token may be utilized.

How do I remove myself from a Microsoft Teams team or group

Instructions on how to leave a team in Microsoft Teams

How do I request redirects of URLs for Purdue webpages?

This article contains a link and instructions for requesting a redirect.

How do I set up my Android device for Office 365 for Purdue PRF?

This article provides step-by-step instructions for configuring an Android device to the Microsoft365 email for Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) employees.

How do I set up my Android device to read my Office 365 Exchange email?

Instructions to set up Purdue email (which uses Microsoft 365’s Exchange email service) on an Android mobile device

How do I submit a request for a basic phone?

How to submit a request for a Purdue-owned basic cell phone.

How do I submit a request for a MIFI device, smartphone, or a service (only) plan with sim card?

Instructions for requesting a MIFI device, smartphone, or a service (only) plan with sim card.

How do I submit a request for a pager?

Instructions for requesting a Purdue-owned pager.

How do i subscribe or unsubscribe to a Listserv mailing list?

Instructions for how to subscribe or unsubscribe to a Listserv mailing list

How do I transfer my email from my student Office 365 account to an Alumni email account?

This article provides guidance on transferring your Purdue email to an alumni account after graduation.

How do I troubleshoot errors with my Career Account Web Space?

Instructions for solving common problems associated with Career Account Web Space.

How do I troubleshoot SharePoint issues when logging in or opening a site?

The content of this article, along with additional SharePoint resources, can now be accessed at

How do I use a .htaccess file to set Web page options?

An .htaccess file is a text file that gives direction on how to handle specific page requests.

How do I use an Owl device for meetings?

This article provides information about support for using a Meeting Owl device.

How does a Student Organization get a Personal Webspace?

For Purdue IT to provide services related to a Student Org Account, only the Club President & Faculty Advisor ON RECORD are allowed to request service.

How long can a mailing list name be and which characters can be used?

The name of a list is a concise name by which the list will be identified.

How to add your profile photo to Microsoft 365

You can add or change your profile photo in Microsoft 365 from, or while using Microsoft 365 applications on your computer or in a browser on your phone.

How to Change Listserv List Subscribers/Members

Instructions on how to change Listserv List subscribers/members .

How to change the Owner, Moderator, or Editor of Listserv Lists

Article provides instructions on how to change the Owner, Moderator, or Editor of Listserv Lists.

How to Configure PRF Email For Outlook?

This article describes how to configure PRF email for Outlook.

How to contact a Listserv list owner?

If you have any questions about a specific list, direct them to the list owner. The list owner is always reachable by email at an address formatted like this:

How to create super-lists/sub-lists in Listserv (to eliminate duplicate messages)

This feature in LISTSERV allows a sender to send a message to a main list, and the message gets sent to people on different sub-lists without being marked as spam. It makes sure that each person gets only one copy of the message, even if they are on multiple sub-lists.

How to request access to another user's email mailbox

Article explains how to request access to another user's email mailbox.

How to set up an Out of Office reply (automatic reply) in Outlook

Article connects to Microsoft Support to help users set up automatic replies in Outlook.

How to set up my Purdue OneDrive on my personal laptop

Instructions to set up Purdue OneDrive on a personal laptop

How to Set Up Purdue Career Account Email on Apple Devices

Instructions for setting up Purdue email on an Apple Device

How to Share an Outlook calendar with other people

Article points to Microsoft Support's instructions for calendar sharing.

I can’t connect to my personal OneDrive on my Purdue work computer

A change in security settings to Microsoft’s OneDrive application for ESS (Endpoint Support Services) supported computers has blocked the ability for the desktop application to connect to personal OneDrive (non-Purdue owned) accounts.

I'm a new admitted student and just accepted my offer, how to I how do I access my Purdue career account and email?

Instructions for newly admitted student to set up my Purdue career account and email.

I'm a newly admitted student and received an error: No Mailbox and No License Assigned

How to set up Purdue email if you receive "No Mailbox" error.

May I publish information to the Purdue web servers (

This article provides links and a request button for assistance.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Accessing your Office365 Account

Purdue Fort Wayne users can follow steps in this article to access their Office365 account.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Accessing Zoom

This article will assist Purdue Fort Wayne faculty, staff and students on the process to create their Zoom account.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Adding Listserv Owners Moderators and Editors

This document is a tutorial for Listserv, a tool that allows users to create and manage email lists. It explains how to log in, configure a list, add owners, moderators, and editors, and set notification and review options.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Bulk Loading Subscribers to a Listserv

The document is a guide on how to use Listserv, a tool that enables users to create and manage email lists at PFW. It covers various topics such as logging in, setting passwords, configuring lists, adding owners, moderators, and editors, performing bulk operations, and setting notification and review options.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Changing Listserv Settings

This document is a tutorial on how to modify Listserv settings, a service that allows users to create and manage email lists at PFW. It shows how to log in, select a list, edit the list header manually, and change the list title, description, or attachments.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Computer Labs in Student Housing

The document provides information about the computer labs in student housing at Purdue Fort Wayne, including their location, availability, guidelines, and webprint service.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Connecting Devices to Wired Network

The document explains how to register a device for a wired network connection at Purdue Fort Wayne by using the website and entering the device's name and MAC address.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Determining the Listservs you Own or Moderate

The document provides instructions on how to receive a list of the Listservs owned by a user by sending an email with specific commands in the body.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Focused Inbox

The document describes how to enable Focused Inbox for Office365 and Outlook 2016, a feature that separates the inbox into two tabs: Focused and Other.

Purdue Fort Wayne- How to Register Game Consoles/Streaming Devices

Purdue Fort Wayne residents of Student Housing can use this article to assist with registering their game consoles or streaming devices.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Interpreting Listserv Errors

This document provides a list of common error messages that users may receive from when they send a command to a Listserv, which is an email list service at Purdue Fort Wayne. The error messages indicate the possible reasons for the command failure, such as incorrect syntax, invalid password, unauthorized request, or mismatched email address.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Listserv Configuration Examples

The document describes the features and settings of three types of Listservs: open discussion list, moderated list, and announcement list. Each type of list has different options for subscription, confidentiality, validation, reply-to, notify, auto-delete, review, send, owner, moderator, and editor, which are explained with examples in the document.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Listserv Glossary

The document provides an overview of various terms related to listservs and email distribution lists.

Purdue Fort Wayne- SecureW2 for Connecting to Wi-Fi

Purdue University Fort Wayne can now utilize a cloud-based application, SecureW2, to automate and simplify connecting devices to campus Wi-Fi.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Unsubcribing People from your Listserv

This document explains how to remove a subscriber from a Listserv, either through the web interface or the e-mail commands.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Voicemail: Getting Started

The document explains how to change the password and record the name for a voicemail service.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Voting and Tracking in Outlook

Using voting buttons/tracking responses, to know if some agrees or disagrees with certain topics in Microsoft Outlook.

Purdue Fort Wayne- What is a Listserv?

A Listserv is an email distribution list that allows messages to be sent to all members (subscribers) of the list.

Purdue Fort Wayne-Creating a Listserv

The document explains how to create and manage Listservs, which are email lists for official, academic, or research purposes at Purdue Fort Wayne. To request a new Listserv, users need to fill out a form and then use either email commands or a web interface to configure their lists.

What are mailing lists?

A brief overview of what is a mailing list.

What are the limits for Office 365 email?

Article provides overview of limits to a Purdue Office 365 email account.

What are the procedures for ordering University MIFI devices, cell phones, or pagers, for department use?

This article contains information about obtaining telephony devices for departmental use..

What are the Purdue university mailing list service terms of use?

An overview of the Purdue university mailing list service terms of use

What are webpages and websites and how do I plan content for successful sites?

A webpage is a specific type of file that can be viewed in a web browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc); usually an HTML file. When you type an address into the address bar of your browser, you've directed your browser to pull up a specific file on the Internet located at that address. This file is a webpage.

A website is a collection of webpages and all other associated files that have a common purpose.

What can I do if I have run Webfix and am still getting a '503: Forbidden' error?

What to do if you have run Webfix and am still getting a '503: Forbidden' error?

What happens to my access to Office 365 services after leaving Purdue University?

Upon separation from the university, faculty, staff and students will lose access to the Office suite products (free Office for download, OneDrive, and Office online) and will need to remove any files from OneDrive that you want to keep prior to your last day. Files stored on your personal computer will be fine. Students who graduate will continue to retain their email address for 3 semesters through Office 365 (but lose access to the Office suite of products).

What is a Course Email List and how do I request one?

Course Email Lists are mailing lists that allow Instructors to reach all of the students in a section or course.

What is a moderated mailing list and how do I make a list moderated or unmoderated?

A moderated mailing list is one configured so an individual is assigned the authority (gatekeeper) to determine whether a message sent to the mailing list will be distributed.

What is a Purdue Alumni email account and how do I get one?

A Purdue University Alumni email account is an email account ( provided to graduates of Purdue University for personal use after graduation.

What is Alertus?

Alertus is a component of the Purdue Emergency Notification system.  Purdue has desktop notifications and Beacons installed.

What is Cascade CMS?

Cascade is a content management system used to create web pages.

What is Four Winds Digital Signage?

This article provides information about Four Winds digital signage, its cost and how to request a digital sign.

What is listserv?

LISTSERV is an email list management software program.

What is Localist?

Localist is a cloud-based web application sold by Localist.  The application supports the University Calendar and provides a way to submit, approve, and post events of interest to the Purdue Community and the General Public.  The application can be accessed at ""

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFa) is used to protect Purdue email and Microsoft accounts.

What is WebEx?

WebEx is a web conferencing tool for Purdue faculty and staff.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that is integrated for use in the Brightspace learning management system and is available for student, faculty and staff use.

What recommended training videos are available for beginning content creators in Four Winds?

This article contains step-by-step instructions for viewing the training videos provided by Four Winds.

What Videoconferencing options does Purdue IT offer?

Purdue IT's Video Production team offers faculty, staff and students a video conferencing facility ideal for long-distance meetings, interviews, thesis defenses or any other information-sharing sessions in Stewart Center (STEW), Rooms 209 & G52.

Where can I find training documentation for Four Winds Digital Signage?

This article provides links to documentation and training videos for Four Winds Digital Signage.

Where can I get help with SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform that allows multiple users to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

Who can answer questions about content/change requests on Purdue's websites?

This article provides links and other information for changes to Purdue websites.

Who updates content on the Purdue IT website?

This article contains information for requesting for updating Purdue IT websites.

Why do mailing lists have @LISTS.PURDUE.EDU email addresses?

The use of the domain enables the Mailhub group to offer this service to a wider audience, provide mailing list-specific features, and clearly mark the address as a mailing list (not an individual’s email address).

Why isn't my Course Email List working?

This article contains a list of reasons why a Couse Email List may not be working.