How do I configure my iOS device to read my Microsoft 365 Exchange email?


This article provides step-by-step instructions for configuring your iPhone to retrieve and display Microsoft 365 email.


These instructions should work for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), but were created using iOS 15. 

  1. Tap the 'Settings' icon.
  2. Tap 'Mail'.
    Capture of Mail setting option
  3. Tap 'Add Account'.
    Capture of Add Account
  4. Tap 'Exchange'.
    Select Exchange image
  5. Enter your Email Address as your and enter a Description, for example 'Purdue'.  Tap 'Next'.
    Email address image
    NOTE:  Your alias is your Purdue Career Account username; the name you use to log into a Purdue managed computer.
  6. You will be prompted if you would like to sign in to your "" Exchange account using Microsoft.  Tap 'Sign In'.
    Sign into Exchange
  7. Enter your Purdue Career Account password and tap 'Sign in'.
    Password imageiPhone permissions.png
  8. Your Purdue Microsoft 365 account is now setup.  You will be presented with options for syncing.  Tap the desired settings to sync and tap 'Save'.
    Exchange options
  9. To change settings on your Purdue Office 365 account, tap the 'Description' set in step #5.
    Change settings image
  10. Update settings as needed.  To show more of your email, tap 'Mail Days to Sync' and set to 'No Limit'.
    Exchange optionsMail Days to Sync image


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