How do I map an external drive onto my BoilerAD computer?


Instructions for mapping an external drive onto a BoilerAd computer.


Any drive that begins with \\itifs0# or similar will need to be remapped on devices that have been migrated to the new BoilerAD Active Directory domain.

NOTE:  The following instructions may not apply for all CSDS-supported shares, as some share names have changed in BoilerAD.  Please contact the Purdue IT Service Desk for questions.

  1. Right-click on the 'Computer' icon on your desktop and select 'Map Network' driv

Start menu

  1. Choose a drive letter that is not currently being used
  2. In the Folder field, type '\\\(Share Name)'
    • The “Share Name” will match the same OnePurdue name
  3. Check the box 'Reconnect at Log on'
  4. Check the box ‘Connect sign difference credentials’
  5. Click ‘Finish’

Map Network Drive screen

7. When prompted, Enter 'BoilerAD\alias' in the ‘User name’ box and then enter your password

8. Click 'OK'

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