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How are technician groups organized in TDX?

In TDX, assignment groups will be more closely aligned with organizational structure.

How can I see the status of my Purdue IT service request?

Instructions for viewing the status of your service requests or other reported issues to Purdue IT.

How can I update my profile in TDX as a technician?

This is a guide for technicians on how to update their profile in TDX and what fields they can change.

How do I find the UNC path for my mapped drive?

UNC stands for 'Unified Naming Convention' and is a filename format used to specify the location of files, folders and resources on a network.

How do I install MATLAB downloaded from Community Hub?

The Community Hub MATLAB download is a compressed zip file meant for Purdue IT groups to use to deploy MATLAB to their University-owned computers.   For self-managed University or personally-owned machines please use Purdue's Mathworks portal at  Installation support is also available on the portal.

How do I link tickets in TeamDynamix?

This article provides step by step instructions for linking different tickets together in the TeamDynamix TDNext interface.

How do I map an external drive onto my BoilerAD computer?

Instructions for mapping an external drive onto a BoilerAd computer.

How do I report an unscheduled IT interruption?

Large, unscheduled IT interruptions are displayed on the Purdue IT homepage,  Please check there to see if we already have an unplanned IT  interruption.

 If you feel that you are experiencing an unscheduled interruption of service, please contact the Purdue IT Service Desk by phone at (765) 494-4000.  If you are calling after normal business hours, you may press "0" at the prompt and your call will be routed to the Operations Center.

How do I request Adobe Creative Cloud for my university or personal computer?

​​​​​​​Adobe Creative Cloud is not available to purchase for personally owned computers.  However, as part of our Term License Agreement with Adobe, customers are eligible to install on personally owned computers after working with their local IT to procure the software for their University-owned computer.

How do I update JMP to the New Term's License?

This article provides step-by-step instructions for updating JMP  licenses.

How to conduct Change Enablement in Team Dynamix (TDX)

This article is designed to help Purdue IT to understand how to manage the Change processes in TDX and provides video to help users navigate the new workflow.

How to I obtain a license for Purdue Brand Fonts?

Purdue Marketing has purchased a set of licenses for the Purdue Brand Fonts to be given to staff working on materials for marketing Purdue.

How to mass assign/update tickets in TDX as a technician

This is a guide for technicians on how to update, assign, or comment on multiple tickets at the same time in TDX.

How to Report Issues with Library Databases and Online Journals

Article provides guidance for reporting issues accessing or using one of Purdue Libraries 800 library databases.

How to transfer tickets from FootPrints to TeamDynamix

Tickets that must be migrated to TeamDynamix manually will need to be recreated in TeamDynamix and then updated in FootPrints to notify the customer and resolve the ticket without sending a resolution notification.

How to update tickets in TDX as a technician

The following is a guide for technicians updating tickets in TDX.

How to view your tickets in the TDX Portal

The Purdue IT Service Portal allows users to view tickets they have submitted, or been included on, inside the Team Dynamix portal.

Incident and Service Request best practices in TDX (TeamDynamix )

This article is designed to help Purdue IT technicians respond to and record Incident and Service Requests using the TDX platform.

Is consulting available for SAS/SPSS?

The Department of Statistics provides statistical software and design consulting services for the University community.

Known Error: Tickets not viewable in the TeamDynamix Portal

Tickets not viewable in the TeamDynamix Portal.

TDX administration: Best Practices for Managing Ticket Tasks in TDX

This knowledge base article is designed to guide Purdue IT workers on the best practices for using ticket tasks effectively.

TDX Administration: Customer Service Survey feedback reports

Purdue IT sends out customer service surveys to gather feedback from our clients and improve our services.

TDX administration: Understanding Email Monitoring Service Attachments

The TeamDynamix email service allows files to be attached to work items via the email service.

TDX Adminstration: How do I view group details and memberships in TeamDynamix?

There are lots of groups defined in TeamDynamix (TDX). Knowing what technicians are in which group; who the manager is; and what type of work they do can prove valuable when routing, escalating, or coordinating with the right resources. This articles describes how a typical technician can use the TDX "People" app to view group details and members.

Understanding Service Level Agreemnts (SLAs )in TeamDynamix (TDX)

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are critical components in the IT service management framework, providing clear expectations for service delivery time lines.

Using the Search app in TDX

This is a guide for technicians on how to use the Search app in TDX.

What are best practices for customer-focused ticket management in TDX?

A guide for best practices for providing customer-focused ticket management in the TDX portal.

What do I do if my SPSS license has expired?

This article provides information for re-installing SPSS software.

What is Change Enablement (Change Enablement Quick Reference Guide)

The objective of Change Enablement is to enable calculated and deliberate changes that have clear and transparent risk, impact, benefit and communication .

What is Ivy chat bot?

The chat bot can be found in the righthand corner on Purdue IT supported web pages.

What is PlanView Pro (previously Innotas) and how do I get help with it?

PlanView Pro is a project portfolio management and application portfolio management software system used within Purdue IT.

What is Purdue IT Shopping?

Qualified Purdue faculty, staff, students and, in some cases, alumni have access to Purdue-negotiated pricing on computer hardware, software, and mobility service plans through the Purdue IT Shopping program.

What should I know as a new employee in a ESS-supported area?

This article describes what a person should know as a new employee in a ESS-supported area.

What support is available for Camtasia through Purdue IT Software Distribution?

Camtasia for Windows and Mac for video creation and editing software lets you record your screen or import your own footage and then create a polished finished video using the drag-and-drop editor and built-in effects such as professional-quality titles; animated text, images or icons; music; transitions; and more.

Where can I buy hardware or software on campus?

Qualified Purdue faculty, staff, students and, in some cases, alumni have access to Purdue-negotiated pricing on computer hardware, software, and mobility service plans through the Purdue IT Shopping program.