What are Learning Communities?


Learning communities are designed for students to engage with faculty in small groups (~20-40) around an academic discipline or a theme. A learning community usually consists of students taking one to three classes together with faculty facilitating out-of-the-classroom learning experiences and living together in the same residence. More information can be found at www.purdue.edu/learningcommunities. You can also e-mail learningcommunities@purdue.edu or call the Residential Academic Initiatives office (765)494-2020.



Learning communities are for both first year students (new to Purdue) and continuing students. The application process for continuing students (current Purdue students) runs from October - January and for incoming students the application opens in mid-January and mid-April serving as the priority deadline. It requires applicants to log into Purdue career account services (similar to Purdue e-mail). If you are a student who is having difficulty accessing the application, please contact a representative from Residential Academic Initiatives. More information about learning communities and the application can be found at www.purdue.edu/learningcommunities.

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