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Can I use a wireless printer in the residence halls?

Residents are discouraged from using wireless printers in the residence hall, but if necessary, should consider connecting via a usb cable or flash drive.

Graduating from Purdue?

Answers to questions about accessing email, software, and other IT resources after graduation or leaving Purdue.

How can a parent add funds to BoilerExpress?

Instructional video with details on how to add funds to others' Boiler Express accounts.

How do I sign up for a BoilerExpress account?

This article provides step-by-step instructions for creating a BoilerExpress account.

What are Learning Communities?

Learning communities are designed for students to engage with faculty in small groups (~20-40) around an academic discipline or a theme.

What is BoilerLink and Corq?

BoilerLink is the online management solution used by Student Activities and Organizations for managing registered student organizations. The Corq app shows students and staff up-to-date event information from BoilerLink for student organization events.

What is CAPS Text Appointment Reminders in Titanium Schedule

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Clients now have the ability to opt-in to receive text appointment reminders via Titanium Schedule.

What is Connect2 for the Recreation and Wellness department?

Connect2”(or “C2”) from Connect2Concepts is software that provides RecWell managers with a mobile tool to streamline their operations and centralize their communications.

What is CVENT?

CVENT is a cloud-based event registration system. It is used primarily by Purdue Conferences, and to a lesser extent by TAP, to initiate the event registration process and provide a landing page for potential event participants.

What is Exa PACS?

Exa PACS is a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) used by Purdue University Student Health Services (PUSH) to view medical images with speed and workflow efficiency.

What is Orchard Sequoia?

This article provides readers with the definition of Orchard Sequoia.

What is Point and Click?

Point and Click windows client-server and Web based applications (PnC Web Apps) are used by PUSH (the Purdue University Student Health Center).

What is SCL Intra?

SCLIntra tracks packages coming into and leaving the mail rooms in University Residences.

What is Starship?

Starship delivery robots are used to deliver food to locations on campus.

What is the QuadPoint Point of Sale System (CloudPOS)?

The QuadPoint Point of Sale (POS) system, also called CloudPOS, is used by multiple departments across campus including Student Life (Purdue Dining & Catering, University Residences), HTM, Boiler Butcher Block, and Card Services.

What is Titanium Schedule?

Titanium Schedule is an Electronic Medical Record application that is utilized by different departments around campus.

What is Transact Mobile Ordering?

The Transact Mobile Ordering app provides students and staff a way to order food for pickup from certain dining locations.

What is Transact?

Transact or Transaction System Enterprise (TSE) is an on-premise transaction system application used for door access, meal plans and stored value accounts.

What is TransactCampus E-Accounts?

TransactCampus E-Accounts is a third party add-on to the Transact system (formerly Blackboard Transact). E-Accounts primary function is adding funds to either the BoilerExpress account on the West Lafayette campus or to Don Dollars on the Purdue Fort Wayne Campus.

Who can help me with the TV in my residence hall room?

This article contains links and a phone number for support in connecting your TV to BTV (Boiler TV) in the residence halls.

Who configures card swipes to collect student information during events?

Information on card swipe configuration for collecting student information during events.