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Transact or Transaction System Enterprise (TSE) is an on-premise transaction system application used for door access, meal plans and stored value accounts.


Transaction System Enterprise (TSE) Application is owned by Transact Campus.  They also support the Transact CloudPOS system for Point of Sale, referred to as QuadPoint.  

TSE is an on-premise transaction system application used for door access, meal plans and stored value accounts. Purdue West Lafayette shares this enterprise application with the Fort Wayne campus. Transact TSE also connects to the Instant ID software system used to produce the physical Purdue ID Card at the West Lafayette Campus and the Mastodon Card at the Fort Wayne Campus.

TSE supports access both with the physical ID card as well as Transact Mobile Credentials.

ID Card Operations / Support is the system owner and manages the TSE day-to-day operational system support. Transact is used for over 1250 doors in 108 buildings at the West Lafayette Campus, board plans and stored value accounts in Residential Dining and all Aramark locations as well as ID Card production.

Door access is managed by the individual building deputies or door access administrators for their assigned buildings.  University Residences manages all door access to the residence halls. Most door access administrators utilize the Access Control Tool, ACT, to manage door access.

Board plans are assigned and managed through University Residences and the ID Card Operations / Support.  You will also hear the term Meal Exchange which is how customers use their board plans to purchase food in the retail locations around campus. 

Stored value accounts include Dining Dollars, BoilerExpress, Aramark Retail Dining Membership plans, and HTM gift cards.  Dining Dollars may only be purchased as part of a board plan through University Residences.  

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