How do I onboard a new remote worker who is a non-U.S. citizen?


This article shows you how to onboard a new remote worker who is a non-U.S. citizen.


Contains information about the process for onboarding a new employee who is a non-U.S. citizen and who will be working remotely from another country.

Velocity Global (VG) is used to assist Purdue with hiring, managing, and paying global talent 

  • Work with Payroll to complete a Direct Hire form for the new employee. Once the completed form is uploaded to SharePoint, Payroll will enter them into EC?? as a non-paid appointment because they will be paid through VG. Part of this process is the generation of a PUID and alias. 
  • The position will need to be a position in the non-paid employee class (like position 40062201.  
  • Confirm the new employee has signed their contract found on the Documents Tab of their employee profile on the Global Work Platform  
  • Review the signed contract. VG will provide a link 
  • Provide the employee’s business email to VG to ensure they are added to the Expensify policy 
  • (Notes about paid time off (PTO) – VG suggests from 3 to 5 days. To clarify, leave must be used in the year it is accrued, or it is lost, and no payment for unused leave is given. Purdue can agree on carry over holidays for the next year but needs to put a date limit (for example, 28 February next year). 

Purdue Global Compliance – Faculty and staff conducting international work should work with global Services (  

Questions can go to Payroll Appointment Specialists within Human Resources 

Shipping Equipment Internationally 

  1. Go to international and Hazardous Materials - eShipGlobal 
  2. Make sure to have the following information before submitting the shipment form:  
    1. License: If a device has any special software than MS Office, you will need to email and check if it is OK to use it outside the U.S. 
    2. Measurements & weight 
    3. ECCN code: You will need to obtain an ECCN code before creating form(s). Please contact the MMDC Shipping and Receiving office by phone at (765) 494-7103 or and receive an ECCN code for each form(s). 
    4. Net Value in USD 
  3. Login to eShipGlobal and register:  
  4. Create a form. You must create a separate form for each item if you have a laptop and a monitor.
  5. Follow all the steps and instructions.
  6. Then submit the form. 
  7. You will get a confirmation email. 
  8. The Export Control Office will review every international shipment and may ask you questions. 
  9. Once they approve. The MMDC will get an email about it, and then MMDC will ship it. 
  10. Once they send it, you will receive an email. 
  11. Please consider that international shipments may sometimes be delayed due to customs service for sending and receiving countries. 

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