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As a supervisor, where can I review Purdue WebCert training records?

How to review Purdue WebCert training records.

Can I edit a live Qualtrics survey?

Guidance for editing a live survey in Qualtrics.

Can I setup a Qualtrics survey to require Purdue login?

Guidance for setting up a Qualtrics survey requiring Purdue Login.

Can I use a desktop shortcut or bookmark to access myPurdue?

Creating a desktop shortcut or bookmark to MyPurdue

Can people outside of Purdue respond to my Qualtrics survey?

This article answers the question about sending Qualtrics surveys to people outside of Purdue.  Yes.

Can you move or transfer a Qualtrics survey created by someone else into my account?

In order to transfer ownership of a survey, an approval from the current survey owner is required.

Cognos Departmental Content Move

Information about tool to help users convert their links into a new link with the change in the directory.

HANA payroll charge dataset connection guide

This guide outlines the steps needed to set up an initial connection to the Payroll Charge database. Once created, this connection will be saved and can be accessed easily.

HANA payroll Charge-XL Tool Training Guide

HANA guide for payroll charge-XL

HANA SFA Simplified-XL tool training guide

Guidance for using the SFA Simplified-XL tool.

HANA Simplified Dataset Connection Guide

HANA Simplified Dataset Connection Guide

How do I access Fiori?

Instructions for accessing SAP Fiori, the design system for all SAP products, enabling you to create business applications with a great consumer-grade user experience.

How do I access my W2 information?

W-2 information is available for view and reprint online via ADP W-2-services portal.

How do I access the Indiana (INSPECT) prescription drug monitoring program via Point and Click EMR?

Point and Click is an electronic medical record system utilized by PUSH (Purdue University Student Health Services).

How do I access WebNow?

This article provides information for requesting access to ImageNow / WebNow / Perceptive Content.

How do I add funds to my BoilerExpress account?

Instructions for filling your BoilerExpress account.

How do I allow others to view the responses in Qualtrics

Guide for collaboration with Qualtrics

How do I confirm enrollment in myPurdue?

How to confirm enrollment in MyPurdue.

How do I create a bookmark to the Purdue WebClock on my mobile device?

How to create a bookmark for the Purdue WebClock on my mobile device?

How do I create a connection to the Maximo archive?

Instructions for connecting to the Maximo archive.

How do I create a Qualtrics account?

Instructions to create a Qualtrics account if you have a valid Purdue Career Account.

How do I find my PUID number?

The Purdue ID number is used for a variety of identification purposes.

How do I generate a link for a Qualtrics survey?

Instructions for sharing a link for a Qualtrics survey

How do I get access to Tableau server?

Tableau Server is currently open to all faculty and staff at Purdue.

How do I log in/out and reset the client for Work Manager on a mobile device?

This article provides step-by-step instructions for logging into and out of  Work Manager and resetting the client, environment, from a supported iPad.

How do I make Tableau run faster?

Guidance for running Tableau reports faster.

How do I onboard a new remote worker who is a non-U.S. citizen?

This article shows you how do to onboard a new remote worker who is a non-U.S. citizen.

How do I register and configure a mobile device for use with Inventory Manger and Work Manager?

This article provides multiple step-by-step instructions for setting up a new, managed, iPad for use with Inventory Manager, Work Manager and MobileIron Go.

How do I request a new form in DocuSign?

New form requests for ESignature/DocuSign are handled internally within each business area.

How do I troubleshoot problems with the Webclock on an iPad?

Instructions for setting up WebClock on an IPad.

How do I update my phone number in Banner?

These directions can be followed for anyone wanting to update their phone number that is on file with Purdue.

How do I update my phone number in SuccessFactors?

These directions outline how employees can update their phone number within SuccessFactors.

How do I use the AnyConnect VPN to access SAPGUI?

Instructions for getting remote access to SAPGUI using VPN.

How to Access TouchNet

TouchNet service lets students and their families view bills, make payments, and manage the student account.

How to anonymize responses in Qualtrics?

Enabling the Anonymize Responses setting is an effective way to permanently scrub a response of identifying information before saving it in the data.

How to check if people opted out of Qualtrics notifications

How to check if people opted out of Qualtrics notifications

How to Check the Installation Status of SAPGUI

This article gives instructions for how to check the status of your SAP GUI instalation.

How to check the SAP GUI version installed on your device

Article gives instructions for identifying a device's version of SAP GUI

How to contact Qualtrics support

Instructions for contacting Qualtrics support.

How to get started with Cognos?

This article provides information and answers frequently asked questions about Cognos.

How to get started with Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a web-based survey creation, collection, and analysis software tool. It can be used for the creation of open surveys, targeted (panel) surveys, and open polling.

How to remove a departing employee from Tableau?

When an employee is set to depart their job position, the below checklist should be used by the supervisor to ensure content is transitioned for the department correctly and in the most efficient manner.

In Qualtrics, how can more lines be added to an open text field?

Guidance for adding additional lines to a text field in Qualtrics.

Is it possible for some Qualtrics fields to be pre-populated?

Guidance about Qualtrics pre-populated fields.

Is Qualtrics HIPAA compliant?

Qualtrics is a secure platform for capturing sensitive or restricted information from survey participants, but there are some options that need to be in place to make sure nothing is compromised.

Registering Key with Tableau Desktop

Overview of how to access Tableau Prep.

Student Insurance Imports for PUSH

Within PUSH, The Student Insurance area will need insurance enrollment lists imported into Point & Click, so they can track compliance for PWL & PIN.

Tableau license information for students and instructors

Tableau licensing information for students and instructors.

What do I do if I am having trouble logging into Coeus?

Coeus is a research administration and grant management system.

What do I do if I can't find a user within a Tableau server?

Please submit a ticket to the Business Intelligence Competency Center by clicking the Purdue IT Service Request button.

What if I have questions about SEEMLESS?

The online SEEMLESS (Summer Employment and Effort Management Leading Efficiency through a Simple Solution) application allows users to view, update, and certify PARs.

What is 7 Point OPS?

Ops is the mobile component of EMS used for administrators and Purdue staff to facilitate events.

What is 7 Point Payment Page?

Payment Page is a hosted service that works in conjunction with EMS and Touchnet and allows for payments to be processed online for EMS events

What is a project leader in Tableau and why would I need to contact them?

Project Leaders are users with full access to the project folder.

What is Accruent EMS?

"Accruent EMS” is used for event room requests and reservations, event resource reservations, event management, catering orders, billing, and reporting.

What is AIM?

This article describes Accessible Information Management (AIM) .

What is Ariba and where can I get help with it?

Ariba is the University's procurement and payment system.

What is AspenTech In Plant Estimator?

AspenTech In Plant Estimator is a desktop application used by the engineers in Energy & Utilities to estimate utility projects.

What is Boiler Connect?

BoilerConnect is a student success system that links staff, faculty, and students in a coordinated support network. This article gives guidance on how to access and use BoilerConnect.

What is CBORD?

CBORD’s Foodservice Suite for colleges and universities delivers robust food service management software to support restaurants, branded concepts, exhibition cooking stations, cafeterias, cafés, and commissaries.

What is Data Cookbook?

Data Cookbook is cloud-based software that serves as the enterprise repository of data definitions, reports and dashboards. It allows institutions to agree on shared definitions and document standard reports and dashboards. It is one part of the Data Governance program at Purdue.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is an electronic signature and digital transaction management software tool facilitating exchanges of contracts and signed documents

What is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM – Capital Projects, Maintenance and Mobility)?

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) eliminates duplication in business processes and IT software systems while enhancing processes with the use of mobile technology.

What is eShipGlobal?

eShipGlobal is a cloud-based system used by university personnel to setup, monitor and manage international shipments and all shipments of hazardous materials/dangerous goods, including biologics.

What is Exacq?

Exacq is a closed-circuit TV (CCTV) system for CREC.

What is Fusion by Innosoft?

The “Fusion” system is a cloud based application accessed via a web browser. It is hosted, supported, and delivered by the company Innosoft Canada Inc. There are two environments – LIVE for production usage and DEV for testing – only a few computers will be setup for access to DEV.

What is HANA?

HANA Uses Microsoft Excel and its PivotTables to access and analyze SAP HANA data.

What is HFS Reporting?

HFS Reporting is a web application used by HFS staff to view a multitude of reports, primarily based on CBORD data.

What is iLabs?

iLab Solutions is a Core Facility Management Software and is used as an integrated solution for the scheduling, tracking, billing and reporting of recharge center operations on the campus.

What is IM Leagues?

IM Leagues is used by RecWell to manage the intramural sports and arrange leagues and tournaments. IM Leagues is a third party module that connects to Fusion. It authenticates students/staff through Fusion.

What is Instep eDNA?

The Purdue implementation of InStep energy management products will provide a framework for data collection, analysis, and predictive modeling of campus utility production and demand.

What is IntelliEvent?

“IntelliEvent” is an administrative system used for the allocation and management of equipment and resource scheduling for events through Hall of Music Productions.

What is KeyWatcher?

KeyWatcher is a Self-Serve Physical Key Management System used to provide temporary access to facility keys for authorized staff as needed and on demand.

What is LabCorp?

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp) operates one of the largest clinical laboratory networks in the world.

What is Morpho Manager?

Morpho Manager is a biometric door access solution used by the Purdue Athletics department at most of their venues.

What is OnTrack?

OnTrack is a web application used for student employment at the dining courts.

What is PETS (Purdue Event Tracking System)?

PETS (Purdue Event Tracking System) is a web-based application designed and developed in-house in the late 1990s.

What is Purdue Person Search (PPS)?

Purdue Person Search (PPS) is a tool used by faculty and staff to verify the identities of people and their affiliation with Purdue. This resource is available to staff with a business need.

What is QubicaAMF Conqueror Pro?

Conqueror Pro is an application sold by QubicaAMF.  The application is used to manage the Billiards and Bowling equipment in the Purdue Memorial Union Rack and Roll facility.

What is SEEMLESS or Summer Pay/Effort Reporting Application?

SEEMLESS (Summer Employment and Effort Management Leading Efficiency through a Simple Solution) is an application that has replaced the manually-driven summer calendars for academic year (AY) employees.

What is Siemens Desigo?

Siemens Desigo is a building automation system, offering an intuitive user interface and powerful control features.

What is StarRez?

StarRez is a vendor hosted cloud solution for housing application processes used by University Residences

What is SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors is an integrated, cloud-based core human capital management solution.

What is Sunapsis?

Sunapsis is the software used by International Programs to manage all processes related to international students and scholars.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a tool that translates data into optimized visual images to see patterns, identify trends, and quickly discover visual insights.

What is TAO Connect?

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) is a self-guided program that provides assistance to help overcome anxiety, depression, relationships, test anxiety and other concerns impacting students.

What is the AccessIt! Electronic Access Control system?

RS2 Technologies’ Access It! Is access security software providing electronic door access control.

What is the AssetWorks Surplus Management System?

AssetWorks Surplus Management System is a system used by the Purdue Surplus Store to manage the inventory received from departments through the Property Accounting form.

What is the 'Automated Logic WebCTRL' system?

The WebCTRL system enables Physical Facilities Environmental Controls staff to program building control systems, monitor system status, generate alerts for building problems, and remotely correct many problems without the need for a site visit by staff.

What is the GRIR Bot?

The GRIR Bot (Goods Received Invoices Received) is a bot that utilizes RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology to identify PO's (Purchase Orders) for which Purdue has not yet received an invoice.

What is the Light and Breuning Parking System?

This article provides a brief description of where the Light and Breuning Parking System is used.

What is the Purdue webclock?

The Purdue Webclock Records hours worked by clock in and out times.

What is the Space Management/Facility Management system (FMS)?

The Space Management/Facility Management system (FMS) is an online system used to track space inventory for Purdue system wide.

What is the Student Employment application?

The Student Employment Management System is a web application that is used by units within Student Life to manage performance appraisals.

What is the T2/Flex Parking System?

The parking system is hosted, supported, and delivered by the company called 'T2'.

What is Thriving Campus-CAPS?

This article describes thriving campus-caps.

What is Transact Mobile Credentials?

Transact Mobile Credentials is technology that enables authorized users the ability download the Transact eAccount app, add their Purdue Mobile ID to either Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, and use their iPhones, Apple Watches, or Android smartphones to access campus buildings, purchase meals and more the same as they would their physical Purdue ID Card.

What is Transact Online Photo Submission?

This article will show readers the transact online photo submission.

What is Trucredential Card Printing software?

TruCredential Card Printing software is used by the West Lafayette Card Office and the Purdue Fort Wayne Card Office to generate ID cards for all student, staff, faculty, visiting scholars, and contractors.

What should I know about accessing WebNow?

Instructions for installing and accessing WebNow.

What should I know about Cognos?

Cognos is a web-based suite of tools from IBM that offers a full range of business intelligence capabilities including reports, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, mobile BI and more. Cognos is Purdue's primary BI tool and is used to access many of the university's BI environments including Student ODS/EDW, the Finance and HR data marts, and GM AIMS.

When launching into the SAP GUI through the SAP portal, why am I prompted for my username and password?

When you log into the Fiori (Finance) Launchpad or Employee (SuccessFactors) Launchpad, you are logging in using your Purdue (two-factor) login.

Where Can I Enter Grades in myPurdue?

Entering in grades in MyPurdue

Where can I find help with Concur Travel and Expense?

For help with the Concur Travel and Expense systems, please visit the Purdue Travel FAQ at

Where can I find the Destination Graduation channel?

A link directing students to the Destination Graduation channel has been added within the myPurdue portal. This link, pictured below, is titled: Self Nomination Application for Student Responder.

Where Can I Update My Graduate Plan of Study in MyPurdue

The plan of study for graduate students is available in the 'Academic' tab of myPurdue. This will allow you to edit and view the classes you need to take to graduate.

Where do I find help with eRezLife?

eRezLife Software is a web application used by students to apply for Resident Assistant (RA) positions and also for BGR Team Leader & Team Supervisor positions for the evaluation and selection processes.

Where Do I Find Help with Scheduling an Event or a Classroom?

How to setup an event on campus or use a classroom for an event.

Who do I contact for assistance with ImageNow?

ImageNow, and its web-based component, WebNow (, are replacing the WebView system on Purdue's campus.

Who do I contact For Issues Related to SLATE?

Contact for Issues Related to SLATE.

Why Cannot I Drop or Add Classes in myPurdue?

Why can't I drop or add classes in myPurdue?

Why can't I access myPurdue?

Overview article for getting help with accessing myPurdue.

Why can't I login to Qualtrics?

This article describes what to do if you are unable to log into Qualtrics.

Why can't I open Internet Native Banner (INB) in the myPurdue portal?

Before gaining access to Administrative Banner, you must have been assigned the appropriate role or roles for access.

Why do I get a 'Gone message' when accessing some sections of myPurdue with FireFox?

This may happen when a person is trying to access the pages and they are on a network that is behind a corporate firewall. Try accessing myPurdue from a different network.

Additionally, you might receive this error when you try to access some areas of myPurdue when your Firefox browser is set to block sending the 'Referer' HTTP Header. Firefox may have an add-on installed that blocks the Referer header, or the about:config configuration panel may have been changed.

Why does the 'Week at a Glance' class schedule show a time conflict?

Why does the 'Week at a Glance' class schedule show a time conflict?

Why is my I-9 Verifier password incorrect?

The first time accessing the On boarding dashboard, those staff members that are I-9 verifiers are required to reset their password.