What is Transact Mobile Credentials?


This article will explain Transact Mobile Credentials. 


Transact Mobile Credentials is technology that enables authorized users the ability download the Transact eAccount app, add their Purdue Mobile ID to either Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, and use their iPhones, Apple Watches, or Android smartphones to access campus buildings, purchase meals and more the same as they would their physical Purdue ID Card.

Mobile Credential uses industry-leading innovation to support a unique, efficient student experience. With Near Field Communication (NFC), students don’t need to open an app to use their student ID–the phone just needs to be powered on with a lit screen for Google Wallet and have sufficient power for Apple Wallet. Details about Mobile Credentials can be found at the ID Card Operations / Support website.

With the Purdue Mobile ID, students will simply hold their mobile device to a reader to access residence halls and campus buildings, make transactions using BoilerExpress, Dining Dollars, Residential Dining Membership, meal plans and even pay for laundry.  

Mobile Credentials utilizes a standard encrypted 16-digit ISO number vs the PUID number encoded on the mag stripe in our current plastic credentials.  Mobile credential is compatible with Transact and certified third-party partner and hardware integrations.

Departmental mobile device readers and support

Departments who have special-use cases for the Purdue ID and want to ensure that their ID use cases and technology will support Purdue Mobile ID can reach out to ID Card Operations/Support for options and support. There are various technolgy solutions available to fit each need, and there also will be options to rent equipment for special events as needed. For more information visit the ID Card Operations / Support website. 


The Purdue Mobile ID effort is being launched specifically for the student population on the West Lafayette campus; faculty and staff will continue to use physical IDs and are not participating in the Purdue Mobile ID program. 

Students also will be able to keep their physical ID cards during this first phase of the Purdue Mobile ID launch. Beginning summer 2023, Purdue plans to start moving all incoming students to the mobile identification system, gradually phasing out the need for the hard-copy ID card for its 50,000 students on the West Lafayette campus.

Setting up Purdue Mobile ID

To get started, download the Transact eAccounts app, select Purdue, and authenticate with your two-factor authentication. Visit the for the links to download and access your Purdue Mobile ID.

For more information about NFC: https://squareup.com/us/en/townsquare/nfc


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