What should I know as a new employee in a ESS-supported area?


This article describes what a person should know as a new employee in a ESS-supported area.


Your area has three principal resources for interacting with Purdue IT: 

  • Within your department there is a Technical Coordinator (TC) or a Department Computing Liaison (DCL). This person is the so-called “Approved Person” who is authorized to make or approve virtually all requests made of ITaP on behalf of your department. Most tickets requests made will require the explicit approval of your TC/DCL. Find out who your TC/DCL is ask your manager/director; to learn more about this important position click HERE.
  • Your area also has an assigned Relationship Manager (RM). Your RM is a Purdue IT employee assigned to assist your TC/DCL and department managers/directors, primarily during IT-related projects. Your RM is able to help expedite service request or incident ticket, and is also there to help the TC/DCL understand the needs of your department.
  • Finally, the Purdue IT Service Desk is the point of contact between your area’s TC/DCL and Purdue IT. The Service Desk is a 24-hour helpdesk that forms the backbone of IT support for all areas at Purdue University. The Service Desk converts telephone calls and emails into support tickets that are then processed or escalated to other support teams as-needed. The Service Desk is just the first level of support and depending on your needs your ticket may be escalated.

Here is how to get assistance

  • Know who is your TC/DCL and how to reach this person
  • Know who is your RM and how to reach this person
  • The TDX knowledge base is a fully searchable database and a good place to start. Your TC/DCL, RM, or the specialists at the CSC are all happy to help you learn how to navigate this tool, the link is available HERE.
    • To learn more about policies visit Secure Purdue
    • CSC Contact information is:
      • Phone – (Break/Fix or Incident Reporting) 765-49-44000 24-hour
      • Email – (Service Requests or Questions) IT@Purdue.edu 24-hour
      • Website

These additional self-help service articles contain answers to some of the most common questions and requests:

Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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