What steps should I take with my mobile device when resetting my password?


This article describes what steps should one take with my mobile device when resetting my password.


Most mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads and Android devices store your career account password and can potentially lock your account due to bad password attempts when changing your password. If you use one of these devices it's recommended to take the following steps when changing your password. BlackBerry device users do not need to perform these steps when resetting their password.

  1. Put your phone or device into airplane mode, or otherwise disable the wireless and cellular antennas. 
  2. Reset your password following the appropriate steps in this article: How do I reset my Purdue career account password?
  3. After your password is reset, open the e-mail configuration options on your device and enter your new password. You'll likely get an error message saying 'Setup cannot complete' or 'Your device is unable to contact the server' since it has no wireless connection - proceed with the setup despite this message. 
  4. Once you've entered the new password into your device, disable airplane mode or otherwise re-enable the cellular and wireless antennas. At this point your device should recognize your changed password and connect to your Exchange e-mail account.

NOTE: If you reset your career account password and have a mobile device with which you connect to PAL3.0, make sure you update your password on that mobile device after the reset.  This will help ensure you are able to connect to the wireless network.  

As many mobile devices respond differently, after your password reset, you may be prompted to put in a new password or may receive a message stating that the device was unable to connect to PAL3.0.  The wireless connection cannot lock your account due to bad password attempts, however.  For more help connecting to the wireless networks, please see What is WiFi at Purdue?

NOTE: as an additional troubleshooting step when connecting to PAL3.0, you can forget the network from settings, then attempt to reconnect as a new connection.

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