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Ag - How do I request access to another user's data or email?

Please submit a 'Remove User' request through the BOFF.

Ag - How do I submit a new user, transfer user, or remove user request?

How Ag users submit a new user, transfer user, or remove user request.

Can I still use my student Purdue accounts after leaving Purdue?

Information about access to various services after leaving Purdue

How do I change my Career Account login?

Instructions for requesting a change to your Career Account login

How do I change my Purdue alias if I am an off-campus user?

Instructions for requesting a change to your Purdue alias if you are unable to physically be on the West Lafayette campus.

How do I find my career account username?

Your career account username comprises the part of your email address before the

How do I get access to

Instructions for accessing

How do I get permission to a Network Drive?

To request access to a departmental network drive, you must contact the Purdue IT Service Desk.

How do I identify a phishing scam?

Phishing refers to someone who sends an e-mail to you, claiming to be someone they are not to trick you into divulging personal or confidential information.

How do I identify and deal with email spoofs/spoofing?

Email spoofing is a growing problem and has unfortunately reached the point where you can't reliably trust the information associated with an email to tell you who actually sent the message.

How do I install Malwarebytes on my personal computer?

How to install Malwarebytes, a free anti-virus that Purdue Information Technology is recommending for students, faculty and staff to use on their personal computers.

How do I locate my Purdue Career Account username/ login/ alias?

How to locate your Purdue Career Account username if you are a current student or staff member.

How do I log into BoilerKey?

The service known as BoilerKey was retired in June 2023.

How do I report phishing e-mails?

How to report phishing e-mails.

How do I request a generic career account?

The use of generic career accounts for access to Purdue IT services such as PAL, SharePoint, Computer Labs, etc., will require the requester, or a representative of their departmental business office, to complete and submit a Security Exception Form.

How do I request an account for my student organization?

Guidance for requesting an account for a student organization.

How do I reset my career account password using challenge questions?

Challenge questions can help you re-connect to your career account if you've forgotten your password.

How do I reset the password for my student organization account?

This account is used by student organizations to access their network storage space, Purdue Career Account login, and email.

How do I setup my Purdue Career Account?

Your Purdue career account is essential for connecting with resources and information at Purdue.

How do I share files in FileLocker with someone at Purdue?

Instructions on how to share a file with FileLocker,

How do I share files publicly using FileLocker?

An open-sourced program created by Purdue IT Networks and Security, Filelocker allows faculty, staff, and students a convenient, secure way to share files with other people, both on and off campus.

How do I stop unwanted Duo notifications?

How to stop, report, and mute fraudulent Duo authentication attempts.

How do I troubleshoot issues taking the online data and privacy certification exams?

This article contains options if you are having issues taking the online certification exams found at

How do I update account information for a Student Organization account?

Any updates to Student Organization accounts need to be e-mailed to with the subject line titled, 'Update to Student Organization Account'.

How do I update my password challenge questions

Instructions for modifying your Purdue Career Account password challenge questions.

How do I upload a file into Filelocker?

Instructions on how to access and download to Filelocker, an open-sourced program created by Purdue IT Networks and Security.

How often do I have to change my Purdue Career Account password?

Your Purdue career account will expire; find out when by following these steps.

How Purdue Fort Wayne students and faculty can check their Purdue Login credentials

Instructions for Purdue Fort Wayne users to retrieve the career account credentials.

How to change your career account password:

he following instructions can help you change your Purdue Career Account password, which is the password you services behind Purdue Login, your Purdue email account and other services.

How to change your GoPFW account password

Instructions on how to change your GoPFW account password.

How to set up Microsoft multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Guide to setting up Microsoft MFA to protect your Purdue email account.

How to use Duo authentication with Purdue Login

Overview article on how to set up Duo Mobile for Purdue Login authentication

I'm a new admitted student and just accepted my offer, I want to know my PUID

Guidance for newly admitted students seeking their Purdue ID number

Purdue Fort Wayne - How to change your Account Password

Step-by-step guide on how to change your password on the goPFW and Self Service Password Reset Portal websites.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Account password expiration

An explanation on what to do when your password is going to expire.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Activating your student account

A detailed explanation on how new students can activate their PFW Account for the first time.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Deleting an employee computer account

The statement outlines the best practices for handling departing employee accounts.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Name or Username Changes

The article is about the conditions and process for changing usernames at a university. Usernames are only changed in cases of a legal name change, if the username generated is offensive, or if it contains a typo, and the individual must request the change

Purdue Fort Wayne- Resetting Your Purdue Career Account Password Using Your Challenge Questions

The document explains how to reset a Purdue career account password using two methods: one for users who have set up their security questions, and another for users who have forgotten their password and need to contact the help desk. The document provides the web link and the steps for changing the password online, as well as the contact information and the required information for getting a temporary code from the help desk.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Restricted Data Examples

All the information regarding restricted data.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Security and Compliance Standards for University Owned Machines

The document outlines the standards for configuring university owned machines for security and compliance purposes.

Purdue Fort Wayne- Setting a Listserv Password

The document provides step-by-step instructions on how to set a new password for Listserv, a service that allows users to create and manage email lists at PFW. The document also explains how to log in, register a password, confirm a password, and reset a password using the Listserv web interface.

Purdue Fort Wayne Username Change

Purdue IT will be changing usernames for about 16,000 PFW students, faculty and staff in June 2024.  This article provides addtional information about the username change process and how PFW users will be affected.

What anti-virus software does Purdue offer for machines I personally own?

Malwarebytes is the recommended anti-virus software for personal machines. It is available as a free download for students, faculty, and staff on the Purdue Community Hub under the Antivirus and Security Software page, as well as directly from their website

What are the OnePurdue password parameters?

Access to the OnePurdue application is through the OnePurdue portal uses your career account username and password.

What are the requirements for my password?

Explanation of password requirement for career account password.

What is a Request for Privileges (R4P)?

A Request for Privileges (R4P) is an electronic form that is used for requesting privileges to University resources.

What is BoilerBot?

Overview of BoilerBot, an automation tool that Purdue IT customers can use to generate bypass codes and password resets.

What is FileLocker?

FileLocker is a Web-based application that was created to securely share files across campus and externally.

What steps should I take with my mobile device when resetting my password?

Most mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads and Android devices store your career account password and can potentially lock your account due to bad password attempts when changing your password. If you use one of these devices it's recommended to take the following steps when changing your password

What technical support is available for Student Organizations?

Student Organizations have a variety of technical support.

Where can I find information about HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, or Data Handling certifications?

This article provides information for obtaining Purdue certifications for HIPAA, FERPA,GLBA, and Data Handling.

Who do I contact if my career account password is scrambled?

Your password will become scrambled if our security team has reason to believe that your career account has been compromised.

Why can't I log on to my Unix Guru account?

Unix Guru accounts are created for specific classes, and access is deleted as soon as the class ends.

Why does my career account lock and how can I get it unlocked?

Your career account can lock if you try to access an application or webpage too many times using the wrong password, or if a workstation or device has saved old credentials for your account.

Why does my home PC suddenly report that it's "Managed by your organization"?

After updating your personal, home PC, your PC reports that it has been set to be managed by your organization.

Will the 'Wireless Acceptable Use Standard' be enforced for new technologies, such as 802.11(n)?

The Wireless Acceptable Use Standard will be enforced for new technologies.  The Wireless Acceptable Use Standard is not technology dependent.