What is CBORD?


CBORD’s Foodservice Suite for colleges and universities delivers robust food service management software to support restaurants, branded concepts, exhibition cooking stations, cafeterias, cafés, and commissaries. It is an all in one integrated solution.  Foodservice Suite is a modular solution, making it easy to scale to meet evolving needs for new functionality. 


Included in this suite is the NetNutrition solution.  This is an online solution putting nutritional information at diners’ fingertips, allowing you to view menu offerings and allergen information.  It's located here http://net.housing.purdue.edu/NetNutrition/.  

Also included is the Mobile Inventory App:

“Mobile Inventory App” (“MIA”), replaces previous CBORD software NetHIMS. Like NetHIMS, MIA is CBORD provided software that is used for inventory purposes to count and record items.  It is accessed via web portal on a department-issued tablet. It does not require an installed client on the desktop.

For any issues or questions please contact:  Dining-admin@purdue.edu

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