How do I access the Indiana (INSPECT) prescription drug monitoring program via Point and Click EMR?


Point and Click is an electronic medical record system utilized by PUSH (Purdue University Student Health Services). Access to the Indiana prescription drug-monitoring program (PDMP) website is now available through Point and Click. Each PUSH provider, who is able to prescribe controlled substances via Point and Click, will need to follow the process outlined below.


  1. From the medication order screen within 'PnCChart' > 'Encounter' > 'Orders' > 'Medication Orders', select a controlled substance and you will see the following:

    Capture of PnC Rx Order screen.png
  2. Click the 'Visit Site' link.  This should open another browser window to the INSPECT login screen.

    Capture of PnC Visit Site button
  3. Login to the INSPECT website using your INSPECT credentials and review the site, as needed.
  4. Navigate back to the PnCChart browser window.
  5. Check the box marked 'PDMP Database has been reviewed', within the Medication Order screen.
  6. Complete the PnC Medication Order and click 'Save'.


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