Why does my career account lock and how can I get it unlocked?


Your career account can lock if you try to access an application or webpage too many times using the wrong password, or if a workstation or device has saved old credentials for your account.  The number of attempts that will cause your account to lock depends on the application or webpage you are trying to access.  Specific webpages or applications often block access to your account for a designated time frame.  The locked error message may give the time frame that you must wait before you can try to log in again, it may be from 15 minutes to 24 hours. For many webpages/applications, you must wait the designated time frame before you try to access it again.

If you are attempting to log on to the OnePurdue domain on your computer's login screen and are receiving a 'locked' message, your account will need to be unlocked by the ITaP Customer Service Center in order to regain access.  If you feel that your career account is locked, or for additional assistance or questions, please call the Service Desk at (765) 494-4000.

Troubleshooting Instructions

Although the Purdue career account may appear as one account, it is truly a synchronized account.  When you change your password, it is updated in multiple systems and applications.  This happens quickly, but we have found that any delay (sometimes less than a minute) may cause your Purdue career account to lock.  Many IT support departments have developed a preferred location to reset your password based on your workstation setup. If you find that you are constantly locking your Purdue career account every month when changing your password, contact your local IT support for their recommendation for the best place to change your password.

  • If you are supported by Cooperative Services Desktop Support (CSDS), it is recommended that you change your password at your workstation using the appropriate steps below.

Windows OS

  1. Press the 'Ctrl', 'Alt', and 'Delete' buttons at the same time.
  2. You will see a window that has your domain listed:  'your name' is logged on as OnePurdue\your alias; this indicates that you are on the ONEPURDUE domain.
  3. Click on the 'Change Password' button and put in your new password. 

MAC OS 10.x

  1. On the 'Apple' Menu, select 'Systems Preferences'.
  2. Under 'System', click on 'Accounts'.
  3. Select the 'OnePurdue' domain account, and you should see a 'Change Password' option.

If you have setup a workstation or device to remember your credentials for a Purdue service (such as PAL, mapped network drives, network printers, VPN), those credentials need may need to be updated or removed so that they are not continuously being used to try to re-authenticate your account. On a Windows device you will want to edit the 'Credential Manager', and on a Mac you will want to update your 'Keychain' logins.

Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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