What are the OnePurdue password parameters?


Access to the OnePurdue application is through the OnePurdue portal uses your career account username and password.

  • The default password expiration period in the OnePurdue SAP portal is set to 180 days.  Faculty, staff, student-employees, and other employees having access beyond the Employee Self Service and Traveler roles in the OnePurdue SAP system will be assigned a 90-day password expiration period.
  • Passwords may not be changed in the portal and can only be changed through the career account change process (go to Secure Purdue and click 'Change Your Password').
  • Passwords in the OnePurdue portal contain a time stamp as well as a date stamp.  Passwords expire in the portal 90/180 days after the career account password is changed, at the same time of day they were changed.  This means your password can expire in the middle o


NOTE: To determine which reset parameter category you fit into, perform the following steps.

Quick Check: If you can access SRM (Purchasing Services tab), Human Resources (Human Resources tab) or have access to financial data (Financial Systems tab) or reports (AIMS tab), you are subjected to the 90 day password reset parameter.

  1. Log into the OnePurdue portal.
  2. Click on the 'System Info' tab and then click on the 'ECC User Info' link in 'Detailed Navigation' section at the far left of the page.
  3. Type in your career account user name in the 'User' field and click on the 'Display' button.

4. Click on the 'Roles' tab and review the roles assigned to your account.  If there are any roles other than the three displayed below, then you are subjected to the 90 day password reset requirement.  If you have only the three roles displayed below, click on the 'BW User Info' link and the 'SRM User Info' link and perform the same steps as in step 2 above.

5. If you get the following message/window when you click on both the 'BW link' and 'SRM link' (and have only the three roles in the 'ECC User Info' link as shown in step 4 above), you are subjected to the 180 day password reset requirement.  If you do not get this window, and see the 'User Maintenance: Initial Screen' window using either link (as seen is step 3 above), you are subjected to the 90 day password reset requirement.


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