How do I get access to a printer?

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This article provides information on accessing Purdue IT supported printers from Purdue IT supported computers.


Printer pushes or mappings are done by your local technical support.  If you computer is supported by Purdue IT, please have the following information:

  • Your name or the name of the person needing the printer
  • Contact information; phone number and email address
  • Location of computer; building and room
  • Which printer needs to be pushed/installed.  You can find this information, PRNT####, on the CSDS sticker located on the printer.  

If you are supported by Purdue IT Endpoint Services, use the 'Purdue IT Request' button on this article and include all of this information to create a ticket with your request.

If you are not Purdue IT Endpoint Services supported please check here to find your technical support:  Who provides desktop/laptop support to Purdue's computers?

Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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