When launching into the SAP GUI through the SAP portal, why am I prompted for my username and password?


When you log into the Fiori (Finance) Launchpad or Employee (SuccessFactors) Launchpad, you are logging in using your Purdue (two-factor) login.  When you then attempt to launch SAP GUI, a single sign on ticket is sent from the Launchpad to the SAP “backend” system you are trying to connect to (i.e. S/4 or ECP).  At times, your backend account may not be available, so you cannot access that system even though you were able to access the Launchpad.  If this happens, a ticket should be submitted  to it@purdue.edu so that IT staff can determine why your backend account is not active.  If you are a new employee, it may take 8 to 10 business days before all of your accounts are fully set up.

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