How do I connect to my home directory using SecureFX?


This article provides step-by-step instructions for connecting SecureFX to your Career account files.  It also provides information for downloading SecureFX and connecting to the Purdue Virtual Private Network (VPN). 


If you are connecting to this server from off campus, a VPN connection is required. Please see instructions at How do I connect to the Purdue VPN?

Connecting to your home directory

  1. When you open the 'SecureFX client', click on the 'Quick Connect' icon.
  2. In the 'Quick Connect' window, enter the following:
    - Protocol: SFTP
    - Hostname:
    - Port: 22
    - Firewall:  none
    - Username: enter your Purdue username
    NOTE:  The remaining setting do not need to be changed.
  3. Click 'Connect' and enter your password when prompted.  Click OK.
  4. You will now be able to view the folders and files that are located in your Career Account.

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