How do I access Fiori?

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SAP Fiori is the design system for all SAP products, enabling you to create business applications with a great consumer-grade user experience. The instructions below will help you access the system at Purdue. 


1. Go to and click the “Finance Launchpad” tile.

2.  You may be prompted to login – use your Purdue Login information (career account username and password). You can learn more about Purdue Login here


1.  Applications are launched by clicking on a tile.

2.  Tiles are arranged in groups.  Groups are shown at the top of the page in a tab/anchor bar.

3.   Everyone will have access to the “Purdue User Group”, which provides a tile to launch SAP GUI, View your SAP Inbox/Worklist, jump to Employee Self Service applications and navigate to other commonly used applications.

4.  You will have access to other groups based on your security roles in SAP S/4.

5.   If you don’t see a group that you feel you should have, please submit a ticket to the OnePurdue Security Team.

Add Tiles

1.  You may have access to more tiles than those that appear by default in your group. 

To add new tiles, click the User icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen.    

This is sometimes referred to as the “Me Area”.

2. Click the "App Finder" icon.  

3.  Under the "Catalog" tab, you will see all the pre-built Fiori tiles you are permitted to use.

4.  Click the “Pin” icon  Push Pin  the tile to one of your groups.

5. ClickOK to complete the action.  You will see a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen.

6.  To remove the tile,clickthe “Pin” icon again and select the group to remove the tile from.

7.  Additional content is available under the “User Menu” and “SAP Menu” tabs.

8.  Find the content you want by clicking on the menu entries to navigate.  If you are familiar with the menu structures within SAP GUI, you will notice the navigation is the same. 

9. Clickthe “Pin” icon to add a tile to your group.


1.  Click the User icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen. 

2.  Click the "Sign Out" link.

3.  Click "OK" to complete the process.

More Information

For more detailed information about using Fiori, please take a look at this video tutorial: ​​​​​​​ Documents/Fiori Basics and Navigation.mp4


Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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