How do I know how much space I have available in my career account home directory?


Every Purdue user is allotted 5 GB of space for their career account home directory. This space is used to store files and settings used in labs, as well as store files for your personal website.  If your home directory runs out of space, you won't be able to save any additional files while in the labs, and programs you are running may display errors when they cannot save settings.


To check your available quota:

  1. Go to the Purdue IT accounts page at 
  2. Log in with your Purdue Career Account username and password. 
  3. Click the link for "Click here to check your account space" to view your current usage.

NOTE: Quota information is updated twice daily at 2PM and 2AM so recent changes may not be reflected on the accounts page.

NOTE: Viewing the properties of your mapped career account home directory network drive on a computer will report incorrect quota information (usually reporting multiple terabytes free) due to the nature of the server housing the home directories. Checking your quota on the Purdue IT website is the only accurate way to view current usage.

NOTE: If you are running low on space, you should consider deleting unnecessary files and/or archiving older files to other media.

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