How to I obtain a license for Purdue Brand Fonts?


Purdue Marketing has purchased a set of licenses for the Purdue Brand Fonts to be given to staff working on materials for marketing Purdue. Marketing and Media is covering the cost of the fonts for approved users.  This is replacing the existing Extensis Font Server.


Staff interested in installing the Purdue Brand fonts will have to fill out this form for Marketing and Media approval.  If approved, the customer will be given access to download the font package through the CommunityHub.  The font package will be downloaded as a zip file and will include the Champion Gothic, Myriad Pro and Chaparral Pro font families.
Some users may require IT support to install the font package on their computers.  Marketing and Media requires that every customer submit an order through the CommunityHub so that they can track and approve the font licenses, but the installation process may vary among departments.
Please note the following items that will be part of the User License Agreement:

  • The Purdue Brand Fonts and their installation files are a copyrighted, proprietary work of their respective developers. Unless otherwise authorized by Purdue Marketing and Media, these fonts are for the sole use on the number of University computers that are specified and approved through the order process.
  • At no time may the software be provided to any other Purdue user or redistributed to any group at Purdue unless authorization is provided by Purdue Marketing and Media.  Access cannot be given to anyone that is external to Purdue University.
  • The Purdue Brand Fonts must not be installed on a server for multi-user access or offered via virtualization unless Purdue Marketing and Media provides explicit written permission.  The fonts cannot be installed on a web server.
  • If the University computer with the fonts installed is transferred to another Purdue user, the customer/department must contact Purdue Marketing and Media via e-mail at to arrange an end-user transfer.
  • Use of these fonts must comply with these Purdue Brand Guidelines, and the licensing terms proved by Hoefler & Co. and Fontspring.  Any questions on use should be sent to

The Content Marketing Operations team within Marketing and Media will be managing the font distribution process, please contact us at with any questions.


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