What is the 'Automated Logic WebCTRL' system?

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The WebCTRL system enables Physical Facilities Environmental Controls staff to program building control systems, monitor system status, generate alerts for building problems, and remotely correct many problems without the need for a site visit by staff.


Automatic Logic's WebCTRL (pronounced 'web control') is a browser-based building controls system used in Physical Facilities to centrally manage building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) across campus.  It, along with the Siemens automation system, manages all major campus buildings using a combination of automation controls, occupancy sensors, and other equipment.

Access to the production WebCTRL system is limited to authorized users and is restricted to Physical Facilities business use. WebCTRL uses native WebCTRL accounts for access to the system.  Account names match career account IDs but are not linked. Users are directed to manually synchronize career account (OnePurdue) passwords.

  • If you are a business user of ALC WebCTRL and need assistance, please contact the Purdue IT Service Desk by using the 'Purdue IT Request' button on this article.
  • If you use WebCTRL in a classroom setting, please contact your instructor or department representative for additional information.

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