How do I install programs and updates from Software Center?


Use these instructions if an advertised program did not install in the machine's normal maintenance cycle or if software needs installed prior to the machine's maintenance cycle.


  1. Click on the 'Start' button and enter 'Software Center' in the search box.  Click on 'Software Center App' to open.

    Capture of Software Center search
  2. With 'Software Center' open, click 'Applications' from the menu on the left.

    Capture of Software Center applications
  3. Click the upper right icon with the check marks then, select the desired program.  Click 'Install Selected'.

    Capture of Software Center install 

NOTE:  It may take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours to complete an installation, depending on the size of the installer

Uninstall software:

Use these instructions to uninstall a specific software package.

  1. With 'Software Center' open, click 'Installation status' from the menu on the left.

    Capture of Software Center for uninstall
  2. Select the desired program to uninstall by clicking on it then, click 'Uninstall'.

    Capture of Software Center application details for uninstall


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