Purdue Fort Wayne- Sending reminder emails and thank you messages in Qualtrics


 Step-by-step instructions on how to send reminders and thank you messages in Qualtrics.


Steps that are needed to send reminders and thank you messages in Qualtrics:

Sending Reminders:

  1. Log into Qualtrics:

    • Access your Qualtrics account.
  2. Navigate to the Distribute Survey Tab:

    • Click on the “Distribute Survey” tab.
  3. Select Your Survey:

    • Choose the specific survey you want to work with.
  4. Access Email History:

    • Click on “Email History.”
  5. Choose Recipient and Action:

    • In the “Actions” column, click the drop-down menu for the desired recipient.
    • Select either “Send Reminder” or “Thank You.”
  6. Configure Reminder Email:

    • Under “Type of email to send,” choose the “Send Reminder” radio button.
    • Set the date and time for when you want the reminder to be sent.
    • Make any necessary changes to the email content.
    • Save your changes.
  7. Click Send:

    • Send the reminder email to the selected recipients.

Sending Thank You Messages:

  1. Follow Reminder Instructions:

    • Start from step 1 of the reminder process.
  2. Configure Thank You Email:

    • Under “Type of email to send,” select the “Send Thank You” radio button.
    • Set the timing for the thank you message.
    • Customize the content as needed.
    • Save your changes.
  3. Click Send:

    • Send the thank you email to respondents who have completed the survey.

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