Purdue Fort Wayne- Matlab Software Installation on Personal Devices for Students

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The document is a guide for students who want to install Matlab Applications from Mathworks on their personal devices.


Note: Matlab Applications from Mathworks, should only be installed on personal devices and not on university-owned devices

1. Go to https://www.mathworks.com/academia/tah-portal/purdue-university-31484706.html and click on sign in to get started. 

2. Click on "Create One" for a new account. 

3. Fill in your Purdue Fort Email address and location,  and fill the student in describing the option. 

4. Click on Create, which will send verification mail to the PFW email address verify and Continue. 

5. After setting up the account and password. Go to My account and click on  Get Matlab On right Corner of the screen.

6. Click on install MatLab will show multiple releases of Matlab to install. 


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