How do I install Read and Write Version 12 for Windows?


How to install Read and Write Version 12 for Windows.



This article describes how to how to install Read and Write Version 12 for Windows.



1 - Find the 'Read and Write Gold' link on your computer.  It may be found in a number of locations.  However, it will always be downloaded from the Purdue Community Hub.  Click on the link to download the folder.

2 - Once the download has completed, click on the 'Open' icon.


3 - Right click on the Read and Write Windows installer that displays. 



4 - Select 'Extract All' to uncompress the folder.


5 - Click the 'Extract' icon.



6 - At this point you should select the icon which designates the Windows Installer.  It may be labelled as either 'Setup' or 'Setup.msi'.  The approximate size of the file is 4,000 KB.

7 - Run this file; specifically chose Run if a Security Warning should arise.  You should have no concerns.

8 - Click the box marked 'Accept and Install' to accept the program’s licensing agreement and initiate installation.

9 - Click the 'Yes' box to permit the program to make changes to your computer, which are those designated for this program to run.

10 - At this point the program shall install; installation times may differ.

11 - Once the setup is complete, select and run Read and Write from your computer screen.

12 - At the point when the Read and Write Gold application displays, click on the small icon which appears at the top of the screen.  It looks like a puzzle piece with the letters “rw” within the icon.

13 - You will now be asked to sign in.  You must select Microsoft as your method because the licensing is based on Purdue University’s Microsoft account.

14 - A screen may appear that asks for your email or phone number.  It may also ask you to select an account from those that are already available.  Because you have a Purdue University account, enter your Purdue email address.  Click 'Next'.

     a -  Enter your password if you are prompted.  (There may be some situations where you are not asked to enter your password.)

15 - Click 'Accept' to permit the Read and Write Gold application to Run.

16 - Read and Write Gold is now downloaded and installed on your computer.

17 - Click 'Yes' to allow yourself to remain permanently signed into this program.

18 - The program is now running.  You will have a bar of icons located across the top of your screen which indicate the varied options for Read and Write Gold.

With Read and Write Gold running, you should be able to use its functions.  Additional functions can be discovered online or by addressing members of the Assistive Technology Lab.  Do not be afraid to use this program; it will only make documents, files, and web pages more accessible to you both as a student AND as an individual. 

Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.



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