How do I create a library reading list or list of course reserve materials in D2L Brightspace


Overview of the Library Reading List tool for use in Brightspace, with link to the resource on the Libraries web site.


Instructors are encouraged to take advantage of our Library Reading List tool for electronic course reserves (example below). Library Reading Lists enable you to easily create, manage, and share course reading lists that engage students and foster meaningful learning, while saving you time and effort.

  • Streamline access to course materials and reduce the cost to students by making use of library collections, librarians’ expertise, and library services.
  • Instructors can easily build lists of resources that include all material types and leverage resources for active learning.
  • Students can access all course materials in one place and from any device.

You can build a reading list by yourself or collaborate with others, such as colleagues or library staff. Library Reading Lists are directly integrated with your course site in Brightspace and make it simple for students to access all of the resources you’ve selected.

Libary Reading List Tool screen shot

View the libraries documentation to learn more and get started creating reading lists in Brightspace.


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