Registering Key with Tableau Desktop


Overview of how to access Tableau Prep.



In addition to Desktop and Server access, Tableau users can now access Tableau Prep, making it easier and faster to combine, shape, and clean data for analysis within Tableau.

The Business Intelligence Competency Center's (BICC) current desktop users will be converted to Creator licenses, which include Desktop and Prep access. All that is needed to access Prep, is to send a request to your desktop support team asking for the Tableau Prep push. You can find more information about Tableau Prep here: Get Started with Tableau Prep Builder.

To obtain a Creator license, please send a request to

  • It’s best to match your Prep and Desktop versions.
  • To check your Desktop version, go to Help and click on About Tableau.

Help menu with "About Tableau" highlighted.

Getting Started

With the new agreement being login-based, BICC’s current desktop users will continue to have access to Tableau Desktop but will no longer need a license or product key to activate Tableau.

  1. Users will need to activate their Creator license by opening Tableau Desktop and signing in to the Tableau Private Site as shown in the image below.
  2. If you do not see the Activate Tableau pop-up, go to Help, click on Manage Product Keys, and Activate.

Activate Tableau windo with "activate by signing in to server" highlighted

What do I do if I receive a Tableau Maintenance Expiring message?

If you receive a notice that your license is due to expire or needs renewed, please click OK. This message is related to our perpetual license and does not pertain to our new, login-based agreement.

Window with "Tableau Maintenance Expiring" and arrow point to "OK" button

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