What is eShipGlobal?


eShipGlobal is a cloud-based system used by university personnel to setup, monitor and manage international shipments and all shipments of hazardous materials/dangerous goods, including biologics.



eShipGlobal is a cloud-based system used by university personnel to setup, monitor and manage international shipments and all shipments of hazardous materials/dangerous goods, including biologics.  Materials Management and Distribution (MMAD), Export Controls, and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) departments are responsible for monitoring shipment requests and ensuring that all appropriate documentation is included with each shipment.  The business office is responsible for post–billing departments for the shipments made. 


Users will create their own account at their first login. If the account authenticates, it will assign the person the shipper role by default. When setting up the shipment, the shipper will answer a series of questions which helps the system identify what is being shipped; where it is going; and if there are any restrictions, checks or reviews required. If a review is triggered, the shipment is placed in PENDING status and is routed for an internal review by one of the departments listed above. The responsible department will review the shipment and resolve any related issues which may include cancelling the shipment. The shipper will receive an email notification when the shipment has been APPROVED or CANCELLED depending on the review outcome. If CANCELLED, the shipper can review the shipment for notes or attachments that have been added to help explain why. If needed, they may contact MMAD, EHS or Export Controls, as appropriate, or as indicated in the email notification received for assistance. 

The ability to ship certain types of hazardous materials/dangerous goods, including dry ice, requires specific training to be completed and logged in the eShipGlobal system. The system will trigger a review if the shipper is not certified to ship what is in the shipment or if it contains certain hazardous materials/dangerous goods. Once the training has been updated in the system and/or EHS has completed their review, the shipment will be released. Future shipments may or may not trigger review depending on the contents. 

IMPORTANT:  To ensure all required documentation is included and to verify that the shipper is authorized to make the shipment, all shipments must be processed through the Materials Management and Distribution Center (MMDC). Shippers can no longer print their own shipping labels or documentation for international or hazardous materials/dangerous goods shipments. Shippers are to print the email notification showing that the shipment is APPROVED and attach it to the package. The package can then be dropped off at MMDC or placed in the designated location for pickup. In some cases, hazardous materials/dangerous goods shipments may be processed and shipped by EHS.    

Access to eShipGlobal

Access to eShipGlobal is open to all Purdue faculty, staff and students that have a need to ship university business-related materials internationally or hazardous materials/dangerous goods either domestically or internationally. Personal shipments cannot be processed through eShipGlobal. Users will be provided access by logging into the eShipGlobal application. If the account authenticates, it will assign the person the shipper role by default. If a shipper needs a different role or level of access, contact MMAD for assistance at MMDCshipping@purdue.edu

MMAD will be responsible for managing and monitoring user accounts and roles. They will also be responsible for training anyone who needs access to the system.  

Please go to this page to access additional information and the link to the eShipGlobal application:  https://www.purdue.edu/materials/shipping/eshipglobal.html


If you are having issues using eShipGlobal or need assistance with the system, please contact MMAD at MMDCshipping@purdue.edu or (765) 494-7103.

This application authenticates using Shibboleth. When the URL is launched, it takes the user directly to the login screen. If the user saves a bookmark at this login page, subsequent use of the bookmark will result in an authentication error. The bookmark must be edited to use the original URL. 

To save the link to eShipGlobal as a favorite, you have to update the URL in the favorite/bookmark to the specific URL. It will not launch properly if the bookmark is pointing to the URL associated with the Purdue log in page. 

In Chrome and Microsoft Edge, it is easiest to create the favorite/bookmark and then edit the URL after using the steps provided below. 

URL to the eShipGlobal application:  https://enterprise.eshipglobal.com/authprd


  1. Paste the URL in the address bar.
  2. Click the 'star' icon at the end of the address bar. 
  3. Enter a name for the favorite.
  4. Select a location to save it.
  5. Click 'Save'.
  6. Right click the saved favorite and select 'Edit'.
  7. Paste the URL in the field.
  8. Click 'Save'.


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