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Information about tool to help users convert their links into a new link with the change in the directory.
This article provides information for requesting access to ImageNow / WebNow / Perceptive Content.
Instructions for filling your BoilerExpress account.
TouchNet service lets students and their families view bills, make payments, and manage the student account.
This article gives instructions for how to check the status of your SAP GUI instalation.
Article gives instructions for identifying a device's version of SAP GUI
The online SEEMLESS (Summer Employment and Effort Management Leading Efficiency through a Simple Solution) application allows users to view, update, and certify PARs.
Payment Page is a hosted service that works in conjunction with EMS and Touchnet and allows for payments to be processed online for EMS events
DocuSign is an electronic signature and digital transaction management software tool facilitating exchanges of contracts and signed documents
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) eliminates duplication in business processes and IT software systems while enhancing processes with the use of mobile technology.
eShipGlobal is a cloud-based system used by university personnel to setup, monitor and manage international shipments and all shipments of hazardous materials/dangerous goods, including biologics.
iLab Solutions is a Core Facility Management Software and is used as an integrated solution for the scheduling, tracking, billing and reporting of recharge center operations on the campus.
SEEMLESS (Summer Employment and Effort Management Leading Efficiency through a Simple Solution) is an application that has replaced the manually-driven summer calendars for academic year (AY) employees.
Instructions for installing and accessing WebNow.
ImageNow, and its web-based component, WebNow (, are replacing the WebView system on Purdue's campus.


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