Secure Computing Request


Purdue IT supports several tools that facilitate secure computing.

Common Requests

  • Questions about the tools listed above


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Phishing refers to someone who sends an e-mail to you, claiming to be someone they are not to trick you into divulging personal or confidential information.
Instructions on how to share a file with FileLocker,
An open-sourced program created by Purdue IT Networks and Security, Filelocker allows faculty, staff, and students a convenient, secure way to share files with other people, both on and off campus.
This article contains options if you are having issues taking the online certification exams found at
Instructions on how to access and download to Filelocker, an open-sourced program created by Purdue IT Networks and Security.
FileLocker is a Web-based application that was created to securely share files across campus and externally.


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