Why do my SAPgui icons have a different look and color after the upgrade?


This article provides step-by-step instructions for updating or resetting the theme within SAPgui.


You may notice that the icons or screen look different after a SAPGUI upgrade.  An upgrade may change the application's default style.  If you would like to use the icons from the previous default style, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch SAPGUI.
  2. Click on the colorful icon on the far right end of the toolbar (or hold down ALT and then press F12).
    SAPgui menu bar
  3. If your theme does not show a colorful icon:  
    1. Choose ‘More’
    2. Choose ‘SAP GUI settings and actions’.
      SAPgui more options
  4. Choose 'Options...' 
  5. Navigate to 'Visual Design' --> 'Theme Preview/Settings'. 
  6. Choose the ‘SAP Signature Theme’ 
    SAP signature theme
  7. Uncheck the 'Use Corbu style icons' checkbox and the ‘Accept SAP Fiori visual theme’ in the lower center of the screen.
    Accept SAP Fiori theme
  8. Click 'OK'.
  9.  Close all instances of SAPGUI and of the SAP Logon Pad (if it is open).
  10. Re-launch SAPGUI.   

You should now see the previous icons and a familiar theme.  

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