What help is available for LON-CAPA for instructors?



This article provides answers to basic LON_CAPA issues experienced by instructors.


NOTE:  New classes will not be available in LON-CAPA after Spring 2023. Class information will be available in LON-CAPA through Fall 2023.

Are you having a login issue?

Some login problems are due to you having added or changed sections within the last 24 hours.  If you have, you will need to wait to log in until the system is able to recognize your new sections, which happens at 12 noon, 6 am and 2 am.  If you choose a different section, you will be considered a NEW enrollee for that section. 

If after waiting 24 hours after changing sections you still cannot access LON-CAPA, please make sure that your password has not expired as defined by the University Password Reset policy.  Password expiration information is available on both the myPurdue portal (https://mypurdue.purdue.edu) or the OnePurdue portal (https://erp-portal-prd.itap.purdue.edu/irj/portal).  Assistance for changing your password is available here, How do I reset my Purdue Career Account password?.  Or contact the  Purdue IT Service Desk by phone at (765) 494-4000.  Passwords will not be reset over email.

Is the issue with accessing your assigned section?

If yes, please contact the Course Coordinator for the course role assignment.

Is the issue with access to anything course content related?

If yes, please contact the Course Coordinator.

Is the issue with obtaining training on LON-CAPA, or you believe that the LON-CAPA service isn't performing as expected?

Please contact the Purdue IT Service Desk by clicking on the 'Purdue IT Request' button associated with this article.

Other available help

If you are an student seeking assistance, please see, What help is available for LON-CAPA for students?

Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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This article provides answers to basic LON_CAPA issues experienced by students.
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